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Best 2v2 Deck & Clan Battle Decks Today

Win against other players! Check out our collection of the best Clan Battle Decks & 2v2 decks right now!
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2v2 battle is a new feature in Clash Royale where two clans clash it out to test who has a better strategy and a stronger bond. Two players from the same clan can also go head to head with two from a different clan.

The rules are almost the same as your normal Clash Royale battles but your side will have two King Towers - one for each person. The King Tower's HP is larger but the cards are of tournament standards. Players will also regenerate elixirs slower by 70% as to the normal 100%.

If you want to know more about Clan Battles AKA 2v2 you can click HERE.

They also included a new 2v2 button beside the regular Battle button. This will enable you to either partner with a friend from your list, a clanmate, or a random stranger. In this article, we will share the best 2 vs 2 Deck that we found so far. Have fun!

How to Win 2v2 Matches, 2v2 Tips and Guide:

Make sure to have an AoE unit

As this is 2v2, you are going to face two players at a time. Both of their decks might include a Goblin Gang or a Skeleton Army. Imagine having an Executioner in your deck. You can easily sweep them away with just one axe throw. Think how all those low HP troops just pops away. Good elixir trade for you and your buddy.

Put a Building in your deck

The purpose of having a building in a deck is to lure the units towards the middle of your base. At times, one opponent might push on the left and the other to the right. Players should be more cautious and have a building planted in the middle as much as they can. If you have that AoE troop, you can easily stop an incoming horde.

Drag your cards and don't tap

If you're not communicating via voice, this will definitely help. You will see your partner's move and make any necessary adjustments. A good example is if he drops a P.E.K.K.A and you saw it right away, you can back her up with an Executioner or Wizard. Usually, there's a miscommunication with the Log drop. Try to avoid this. If you see your buddy already has his Log on queue, change your card appropriately.

No Bait Cards or Bait Decks

Avoid using these kinds of decks in 2v2 matches. This will usually not work. You are facing two opponents so if one uses a Zap, the other still has one in his arsenal. The usual Spell popular in the game is The Log. There's no use baiting it out as the other one will surely have it too.

Best Double Deck:

In this section, we will give you a preview of some decks with very good rate of wins and a short gameplay on how the strategy will be. You can click on the Image or the title if you want to go more in depth.

The Jimmy Fallon Deck:

It's Jimmy Fallon's recommended deck, shared by Clash Royale! - The Jimmy Fallon Deck

For 2v2, nothing gained more popularity than the deck created by host Jimmy Fallon. This deck, however. will rely not just on your skill but on the skill of your teammate as well. Make sure you are in sync with your teammate.

Undefeated Electro Hog Miner Clan Battle Deck:

This Clan Battle Deck was able to rack up 60 - 0 stats. This includes good amount of Spells and the popular Rocket to bombard the enemy towers.

First Deck: Electro Miner Cycle

Electro Wizard Miner Skeletons Ice Golem
ElectroWizardCard.png miner.png skeletons.png 2016-09-20-06-43-53-Ice_Golem.PNG
Ice Spirit Poison The Log Inferno Tower
IceSpirit.png poison.png TheLog.png inferno_tower.png

Second Deck: Electro Hog Lightning Battles Deck

Hog Rider Electro Wizard Skeletons Knight
hog_rider.png ElectroWizardCard.png skeletons.png knight.png
Minions Rocket The Log Lightning
minions.png rocket.png TheLog.png lightning.png


Play a strong combo with the Hog + Miner Poison attack. Both of you must then prepare for a good defensive strategy with the cards left in your hands. In certain situations, do not hesitate to use the Rocket or Lightning if it is really important to do so.

Other cheap combos are the Ice Golem + Hog Rider with or without the Skeletons or Ice Spirit.

Play the Inferno Tower and Electro Wizard mashup for you to control a strong wave of troops. Distract and slow them down by using the cheap cards you both have. If possible, deploy the Hog Rider to break their strategy as you currently counter them.

Spell Cycle Deck:

A purely defensive 2v2 Deck that lets you counter any incoming pushes and then bombard the enemy's tower with the Rocket whenever you can.

First Deck:

Electro Wizard Mirror Executioner Ice Golem
ElectroWizardCard.png mirror.png executioner.png icegolem-card.png
Furnace Poison The Log Rocket
furnace.png poison.png TheLog.png rocket.png

Second Deck:

Executioner Skeletons Inferno Dragon Ice Wizard
ElectroWizardCard.png skeletons.png inferno-dragon.png ice_wizard.png
Tombstone Zap Tornado Rocket
tombstone.png zap.png tornado.png rocket.png


This Spell Cycle 2vs2 Deck is a defensive Deck. You and your partner have to wait for your opponent's initial push. Always have the Rocket ready to target a heavy troop together with their Crown Tower. Defend with your spells and counter cards. Make sure to have a building planted all the time in your base to lure opponents in the middle. This will make it easier for your Inferno Dragon, Electro Wizard, and Executioner together with the Tornado to dispense it.

When the time comes, make it rain Rockets on the opponent's Crown Tower. You can definitely use the Mirror with the Rocket if you have extra elixirs.


Double Hog-GB Pressure Deck:

Keep the pressure going with this double Hog Rider Deck. These two decks have their own offense and defense cards to push and counter at the same time.

First Deck:

Electro Wizard Hog Rider Goblin Barrel Knight
ElectroWizardCard.png hog_rider.png goblin_barrel.png knight.png
Furnace Poison The Log Goblin Gang
furnace.png poison.png TheLog.png Goblin_Gang.png

Second Deck:

Hog Rider Goblin Barrel Skeleton Army Goblin Gang
hog_rider.png goblin_barrel.png skeleton_army.png Goblin_Gang.png
Princess The Log Inferno Tower Rocket
princess.png TheLog.png inferno_tower.png rocket.png


Since both of the players have the Hog Rider and the Goblin Barrel they can decide whether to push on one lane or with two lanes. The ideal strategy here is to have the initial push with the Hog Rider and Goblin Barrel. Support the push with the Poison and the Rocket if there is a foe nearby for a good elixir trade.

This deck has a good number of counter cards such as the Goblin Gang, Skeleton Army, Furnace and Princess for Swarms, and Spell cards. Some of the spells included can be used on both offense and defense like the Poison and the Rocket.


Lava Bowler Freeze Clan Battle Deck:

Get wild with this classic yet effective mashup and get those crowns all the way with your clash buddy!

First Deck: Lavaloon

Lava Hound Balloon Minions Goblin Gang
lava_hound.png balloon.png minions.png Goblin_Gang.png
Mega Minion Zap Arrows The Log
2016-12-09-03-31-33-mega-minion.png zap.png arrows.png TheLog.png

Second Deck: Hog Freeze

Hog Rider Miner Bowler Goblin Gang
hog_rider.png miner.png Bowler.png Goblin_Gang.png
Skeleton Army Zap Freeze Inferno Tower
skeleton_army.png zap.png freeze.png inferno_tower.png


The ideal strategy of these decks is to maintain the pressure by using the Hog mashups in first minutes. As the games go deep, proceed in doing slow pushes to control the combo. Support your pushes with the best spells and units depending on the situation. Repeat the best mashups you can to win those trophies.

Do you have 2v2 Deck you can share?

For now, these are just some of the best 2v2 Clash Royale decks right in the Arenas! With 70+ cards in the game, the number of deck combinations are just too many. However, the strategy will always remain the same - support + complement your clan decks so you can take out troops.

Last modified: 16,08,2017

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