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Clan Battles 101 - What You Need to Know

Come and play on this Outrageous New Game Mode!
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For their One Year Anniversary, Supercell is bringing an Outrageous New Game Mode called Clan Battle. This is where two players from the same clan join forces to battle it out against other clans. The Arena looks bigger and it has a total of Four Kings. One for each player.


What you need to know:

Clan Battle Chest Event:

For an initial introduction of Clan Battles, Clash Royale is hosting a Clan Battle Chest Tournament. This is different from Clan Chests, where players can contribute individually with crowns. Clan Battle Chests is like your usual tournaments and you have to complete a certain amount of wins to unlock. This Clan Battle Chest is initially planned to be put every other week. The schedule during the weekend is an alternate between Clan Crown Chests and Clan Battle Chests.

The First Clan Battle is scheduled to happen on March 24, 2017. Like Clan Crown Chests, it will last for 3 days.

Cards are on Tournament Standards:

If you have not played any tournaments or haven't unlocked the Tournament mode, cards will be of the same level. King Level will be at 9, Commons are level 9, Rares to level 7, Epics are level 4, and Legendary cards are at level 1. Overtime period will run for 3 minutes.

Two King Towers for Each Clan:

There will be a pair of Kings for each clan. It will be shared by the two players playing. It will also have an increased health. The arena will look the same but with two King towers at the top and bottom.

At the start, You Will See Your Partner's Card:

At the beginning of a match, you will have a preview of your partner's card. We are not sure how it will work or how it will look like. We are predicting that it might look like a preview deck like from the Blind Challenge.

You Can Coordinate Your Cards and Strategy:

After seeing your partner's deck and the battle is already starting, the screen will look familiar (just like when you're playing a normal match). But, you will see your partner moving his/her troops in real time before they deploy it. You will know their moves just before the opponent sees it. A good example is: When your partner is already doing a P.E.K.K.A push, you can support it with your own Executioner.

You and Your Partner will Have a Total of 20 Elixirs:

You will each have 10 elixirs. Although you can not see each other's elixirs, having 20 elixirs at max is OP. You can use it to do a one massive push or play it conservatively.

Elixir Regeneration is Slower:

Having 20 Elixirs per Clan is too much. It can cause a lot of chaos in the arena. Supercell and the Clash Royale team thought of making the elixir regeneration slower. They toned it down to 85%. During the double elixir time, they made it slower to 70% of the 100% you're getting normally.

Elixir Collector Only Benefits the Player Who Dropped It:

If Player 1 planted an Elixir Collector, only he/she will benefit from the elixir gains. It will not add to Player 2's elixir.

Spells Will Affect All Players:

Fireball will affect both your opponent's units, same as with other spells. The Clone spell will also clone your partner's troops. The Clone spell might make the match more exciting. Think about having two mirrored Lava Hound (a total of four Lava Hounds from you and your Partner) and then have them Cloned. Eight Lava Hounds and 48 Lava Pups to destroy and devastate!

You Have To Contribute At Least One Win:

Before you reap the rewards of the Clan Battle Chest, you have to contribute at least One Win. The rewards (cards) you will get will depend on your Arena.


Chest Tier 1:

  • Required Wins: 2

Includes: 108 Gold, x18 Cards

Chest Tier 2:

  • Required Wins: 4

Includes: 228 Gold, x38 Cards

Chest Tier 3:

  • Required Wins: 6

Includes: 360 Gold, x60 Cards

Chest Tier 4:

  • Required Wins: 8

Includes: 504 Gold, x84 Cards

Chest Tier 5:

  • Required Wins: 10

Includes: 660 Gold, x110 Cards

Chest Tier 6:

  • Required Wins: 12

Includes: 828 Gold, x138 Cards

Chest Tier 7:

  • Required Wins: 14

Includes: 1008 Gold, x168 Cards

Chest Tier 8:

  • Required Wins: 16

Includes: 1200 Gold, x200 Cards

Chest Tier 9:

  • Required Wins: 18

Includes: 1404 Gold, x234 Cards

Chest Tier 10:

  • Required Wins: 20

Includes: 1620 Gold, x270 Cards

More About Clan Battles:

nickatnyte covered everything you need to know about Clan Battles on this video.


This new Clan Battle feature looks very promising! It is really an outrageous new game mode. As this feature will need cooperation from both partners, we will be putting good decks to use. These decks will complement each player in pushing towards the enemy. We are definitely excited about this new update.

Do you have Clash Royale decks you want us to feature? Feel free to use our SUBMIT A DECK feature on the site. If it is looking good, we will feature it on the site just like these USER SUBMITTED DECKS.

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Originally Published: 10,03,2017
Last modified: 14,03,2017

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