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Cheap Giant Loon Deck For Arena 10

This cheap yet strong deck can help you win crowns without any help of the Legendaries! Cannot believe it? Check this featured deck real quick!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on April 7, 2017.
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This Giant Balloon deck looks classic but its power is nearly unstoppable! Check this recommended deck made by CLASHwithSHANE's set of cards for players who are roaming around in the higher arenas.


This deck can bring so much pressure if played well. It strongly relies on the Giant, Balloon and the Musketeer's individual abilities. Supporting these combos is easy and can handle a lot of popular decks today. This set of cards can deal with the Royal Giant, Hog Rider decks, etc.

Cheap Giant Loon Deck For Arena 10:

Giant Balloon Musketeer Skeletons
giant.png balloon.png musketeer.png skeletons.png
Ice Spirit Zap Fireball Cannon
IceSpirit.png zap.png fireball.png cannon.png

Card Roles:

  • Giant - Main wrecker of your deck. Support this card every time.
  • Balloon - Additional tower smasher of this deck. You can use this alone if you know your enemy cannot answer this card quick. Frequently place it behind the Giant for a stronger attack.
  • Musketeer - Support in both offensive and defensive gameplays. Place it behind your main units or behind the Crown Tower to extend its support.
  • Skeletons - Use to cycle, distract units or provide mini damage to any counters around.
  • Ice Spirit - Ice Spirit is used to weaken and stop aerial hordes. You can use the Zap Spell with this spell card in taking down air counters effectively.
  • Zap - Cast this spell to kill ground swarmers in a snap. You can also use this to force an enemy to retarget.
  • Fireball - Cast the Fireball if dealing against the Barbarians, Three Musketeers or a wave of incoming troops. You can also count this in if you plan to knock down a dying tower.
  • Cannon - Mainly use to lure threats. Place it wisely.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to form the strong trio (Giant Loon and Musketeer) altogether. Fight counter units by casting spells like the Ice Spirit and Skeletons quick after the Giant deployment. Maintain pressure up until the last seconds of the game. This is to distract and not allow the enemy to create a strong push later on.


Wait for your elixir to reach 10 before making a decision. Create a slow push strategy with the Giant. Place it behind the King Tower to build and collect extra elixir. Before it reaches the river, you can now deploy the Musketeer behind him. If you have extra elixir, you can deploy the Balloon with these two units. Cast the Zap Spell if the enemy tries to counter you with a bunch of low HP troops (e.g Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang).


In defense, you will mainly use the Cannon for added support, distraction and added fire power. If you are dealing with slow push decks like the Royal Giant, you can use the Zap or Skeletons to force it to retarget. Do this if you did not plant the Cannon on time to get the RGs attention.

In placing the Skellies, you need to deploy it in the center of the RG to force it to retarget. If supporting units are behind, cycle by dropping the Ice Spirit. Use Zap if in need. Deploy the Musketeer to kill the threat later on.

Deal with the Hog Riders by placing the Cannon a bit away from the center of your base. Through this, you can allow your opposite crown tower to take it down faster. You can also do this if fighting against the Giant, Golem, P.E.K.K.A, etc.

Kill a bunch of troops by casting the Fireball. In some situations, you might be required to cast it to weaken splashers. If you need to do so, cast this spell towards a unit(s) if they walking near the crown tower. Through this, you can also chip in damage to their tower.


If times are tough, you can use the Balloon or the Giant as defensive units.

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This deck might be in trouble with the Lava Hound or Elite Barbarians deck. The only way to win from these types of decks is to maintain pressure early. You can attain this by playing your cards defensively first. From that, you can make a strong counter-push later on. Once you grabbed a crown, continue to deploy your cards wisely. As you cycle for the cards you need for defense, you will also distract the enemy with your present units on the battlefield. Thus, ruining their strategy to get the game over time.


The Giant Balloon Deck starts at 5:50.

Special thanks to CLASHwithSHANE for this featured deck!


The deck can be considered as a classic but strong deck. It requires patience, especially if you are fighting with a lot of counters. If you want to make this deck further effective, level up your troops accordingly. That is one of the best tips we can provide for this set of cards.

Good luck!

Last modified: 7, 04, 2017

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