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Do not have any EPIC cards, yet? Then here is a great deck to reach 1700+ trophies from a Reddit user, Byrne14.


A few hours ago, Byrne14 shared a good-to-know deck for clashers who do not own any Epic cards (or does not want to use any) which helped him to reach the Builder’s Workshop — Arena 7.


With an elixir cost of 3.9, this deck is awesome in its own way. Each card you draw will support your current cards in the battlefield. By having two tanks (Barbarians and Knight), your long-range attackers will do more damage to your opponent's. Bomb Tower will distract those flying troops and will severely damage those ground swarmers. By playing and dropping your cards in a timely manner, your Hog Rider will do his job perfectly.


The 'No Epic Battle Deck'

Knight Spear Goblins Barbarians Minion Horde
knight.png spear_goblins.png barbarians.png minion_horde.png
Bomb Tower Hog Rider Arrows Musketeer
bomb_tower.png hog_rider.png arrows.png musketeer.png

Card Roles

  • Hog Rider - According to the clasher, this is his main attacker in the deck. Which means this must be paired along with the Barbarians or even with the Minion Horde for a greater combo. Without the use of the Freeze Spell, this card can still be outstanding but must be used wisely.
  • Musketeer - Super effective for backing up tank type cards in your deck. A cool card that can deal with Balloon or Baby Dragon. With an excellent distance, Musketeer can destroy a tower if ignored.
  • Minion Horde - Can simply kill an air or ground troop in sight. Very effective in exterminating Balloons and other ground troops like PEKKA, Giant, and even the ever popular Prince.
  • Barbarians - Can be a tank or a damager. Barbs also serve as eliminators especially to Hog Riders, Musketeer, Prince or even PEKKA.
  • Knight - With only 3 elixir cost, this troop works perfectly against a Hog Rider or a Knight in action.
  • Spear Goblins - this troop is one of the most popular cards in the game for its cheap elixir cost and fair damage especially when paired any tank type cards within the deck.
  • Bomb Tower - A great distractor for flying troops like Dragon and can deal superb damage to ground troops, especially swarm troops. Can easily take down a bunch of troops from Huts and also a group of Barbarians.
  • Arrows - Swarm troops can easily be killed using this card.

Battle Strategy

Drop your Knight first and wait for the opponent’s reaction and try to counter it if needed. If the other player answered your move in the opposite lane, check if it can be wiped out by any of your cards like Spear Goblins and proceed to the lane you want to attack.

Use the Minion Horde if needed especially to those tank-type cards to easily take them out of the game. If being swarmed, use Arrows or Bomb Tower. Bomb Tower deals an epic damage for ground troops that will help you to buy elixir for a countermove. You can also use arrows if Minions or Minion Horde are destroying your Bomb Tower. Barbarians will serve as your main tank in this deck. Always pair them with the Musketeer or with the Hog Rider. Musketeer can also defend your towers so you can pair it with the side or at the back of it for full support.

Hog Rider will take all the structures that are why you need to support them by having a great combo from your existing cards. Every card is fit to help your Hog Rider. Just make sure to drop the cards only needed for elixir consumption.

Deck Weakness

Given that this deck does not require any epics and have a very competitive average elixir cost, your cards might also get a hard time in entering the lair of your opponent if countered cards were carried. For example, your Barbarians and Knight will be a dead meat against a Bomber or Wizard while your Minion Horde and Spear Goblins can be knocked down by a Fireball or Arrows. Nevertheless, you can still counter those by analyzing your opponent’s deck before making a combo from your own cards.

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It seems that this deck is useful for players who have these kinds of cards. In the Reddit post of Byrne14, he also stated the level of his troops giving a larger emphasis on what these cards with fair levels can do within the game. (The level of the cards are also in the screenshot above) Unfortunately, there is no video sample of the game but the gameplay is somewhat the same from the normal run of every battle.

  • [Deck Cheap deck (no epics) I used to grind to arena 6 • /r/ClashRoyale]

How about you, chief? Want to try this? Well, I bet you will, just like I do!


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