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Cheap Bandit Miner Deck for Arena 11

For an Average Elixir of 3.0, nickatnyte created a cheap and chip Bandit + Poison + Miner Deck.
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The Speed of the Bandit and her low 3 Elixir cost make her a good unit in a Cycle Deck. She can also do that invincible Dash that doubles her attack once it connected. On this deck, nickatnyte uses cheap and chip units with an average elixir of 3.0. He also included the newly introduced Bandit and the buffed Poison Spell.

Famous for her invincible Dash, the Bandit is a force to reckon with (as long as her foes and buildings are 4-6 tiles away). Her HP at level 1 is at 750 and her Dash Damage is a whopping 320. A good trade for a 3-Elixir Legendary. She is accompanied with the Miner for a direct assault and then whip out the Poison Spell to get rid of counters. You can also add the Archers for an added chip damage. All in all, this deck only costs 3.0.

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Cheap Bandit Miner Deck:

Archers Bandit Inferno Tower Mega Minion
archers.png bandit.png inferno_tower.png 2016-12-09-03-31-33-mega-minion.png
Miner Poison Skeletons Zap
miner.png poison.png skeletons.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Archers - A good level Archers can make a good chip damage unit. They can also target both air and ground units.
  • Bandit - Her invincible Dash plus her speed is what makes her Legendary.
  • Inferno Tower - Place it in the middle of your arena. It can easily roast any incoming tanks trespassing your base.
  • Mega Minion - Use this sturdy Mega Minion for support or help defending your base.
  • Miner - He is your main unit to deal tower damage. Partner him with the Poison Spell to get rid of any counters.
  • Poison - A newly buffed Spell. It is used together with the Miner
  • Skeletons - One Elixir unit card that spawns four Skeletons. They're best against tower-locking units.
  • Zap - Gets rid of low HP troops.

Clash Royale Strategy:


2RwWJJ.gif y8vXkV.gif

During offense, the strategy here is to have the Miner aim directly at the opponent's tower. Back it up with the Poison Spell to counter the usual Skeleton Army. Just in case you don't have good cards, you can cycle through your deck by using the Bandit. Support your Miner or Bandit with the Archers.


48yLv2.gif k507jY.gif

Drop your Inferno Tower whenever necessary. Use it to lure tower-locking tanks and units such as the Inferno Dragon. The Mega Minion is your main defense troops. You can use the Archers and Skeletons to lure them right the middle of your base to have your Tower Archers reach them.

Additional Technique:


Once you already destroyed one tower, you can now drop the Bandit on the opponent's base. If she's unattended, she will go directly to the tower and deal massive damage.


Facing Swarm Decks can be a problem since our deck doesn't have any AoE units. If you're facing swarms, have your poison ready, Archers and Skeletons to lure in the middle of your base, and Mega Minion to finish everything. After the swarm, turn the table and deploy your Miner.

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Check out how nickatnyte use the deck in the Tournaments.


The main strategy of this deck is Miner + Poison Spell and if you can, you can add the Archers for support. As the Bandit is cheap, you can send her on her own while the opponent is busy on the other tower. You can also back her up with the Archers.

As this is a Cheap and Chip deck, make sure you fully master the deck before trying it out on Ladder and Tournament Challenges. You can practice with the Trainers and your Clan Mates.

This deck is from nickatnyte.

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Last modified: 12, 09, 2017

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