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Clash Royale Card Popularity Ranking

Check out what is the most popular card there is in the Clash Royale Arena!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on February 15, 2017.
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Here's the latest popular cards roaming in the arena today! How many cards are in your current deck?

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Top 10: The Log:


Just like the Arrows and Zap, The Log is one of the best cards you can use in any arenas. It can wreck towers, push threats and wipe out swarm troops (ground) effectively. The Log can also kill the Princess in certain levels.

Top 9: Valkyrie:


This mini-tank AoE unit is getting a lot of fans/users these past few days. The Valkyrie can counter a bunch of swarmers in a swing. It can somehow hold the critical smashes of Elite Barbarians and can wreck towers if left unattended.

Top 8: Baby Dragon:


The Baby Dragon is making a great comeback after months of being stuck in the players' card shelves. It is now considered as a great support in a great number of decks in almost all arenas. Its splash ATK and HP is giving it a good time to be a viable card, again. Can we see a lot more in the next updates?

Top 7: Minion Horde:


The Minion Horde is a risky card yet players gamble their elixir for the success of it. This horde is strong against beefy tanks and can easily take down towers if left ignored. In the current meta, this card is frequently seen in Bait, Swarm and Slow Push Decks.

Top 6: Arrows:


In exchange of Zap, players find the Arrows useful in taking down swarm troops. Also, the Arrows are a great deal against the Princess. It can kill it quick stopping it from further harm in your base.

Top 5: Hog Rider:


Just like the Zap and the Fireball, the Hog Rider will never leave this ranking in my honest opinion. Once you are used to playing this card, mixing classic and new cards are easy and viable. The Hog Rider is one of the most useful cards in almost all arenas in Clash Royale.

Top 4: Fireball:


Let the Fireball wipe out a group of scary threats in the game. With its devastating power, smashing a squad of Barbarians or the famous trio, the Three Musketeers is easier. If you played it well, they will be gone in a snap. Players also love to put this spell in a cycle deck making it as their tower knocker in an overtime battle.

Top 3: Wizard:


Wizards are often visible with slow push decks running in the arena. Though it is easy to stop with just a Fireball and Zap, leaving it behind will be a pain in the neck. Its heavy splash damage makes it special especially in supporting their tanks. The Wizard can also take down swarmers which are really popular in all arenas today.

Top 2: Zap:


With a soaring number of bait cycle deck users, players always count on on this most-loved spell in the arena, the Zap Spell. Not only that, Zap only costs 2-elixir and can stop/halt a bunch of big threats from the Sparky down to the Goblin Gang. It is one of the cards essential if you are climbing in the ladder ranking.

Top 1: Skeleton Army:


The Skarmy is still on the top spot in the current popularity ranking today. With only 3-elixir, it can do a lot of wonders, both offense and defense. It can blend with almost all decks making it viable in countering today's meta.

Your Thoughts?

The high number of Swarm, Bait and Elite Barbarians users made the cards in this list useful for counters. In my opinion, only a few are not relying on the EBarbs right now. That's why it is somehow advisable to have some of the best counters for them today.

How about you? What keeps you busy in the arena today, Chief?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the list above by using the comments section.

Information is based on as of May 8, 2017

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