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Clash Royale Card Popularity Ranking

Check out what is the most popular card there is in the Clash Royale Arena!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on May 15, 2017.
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Here's the latest popular cards roaming in the arena today! How many cards are in your current deck?

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Top 10: Fireball:


The Fireball climbed its way to the top 10 as more and more players wants to have a more direct and precise damage to enemy pushes. Unlike the Rocket, the Fireball only costs 4 elixirs and can also be the end of a pretty tight match.

Top 9: Hog Rider:


The Hog Rider lost his grip and landed on Top 9. With choices such as the Golem, Lava Hound, Giant, and even the Royal Giant there has been some close competitions on which card is going to be the star card. But rest assured, the Hog Rider is still in the Top 10 most popular cards in the arena.

Top 8: Ice Spirit:


The Ice Spirit is getting its groove back. As a cheap alternative for the Freeze Spell, a lot of players are noticing its value. A great unit to have for both offense and defense, the Ice Spirit is now in the top 8 of the list.

Top 7: Elixir Collector:


With the popularity of heavy and sturdy tankers walking down the arena, the Elixir Collector's rank went up as well. Its ability to pump more elixir, specially during double elixir time is a win on many Clashers.

Top 6: Mega Minion:


As a sturdier companion than Minions, the Mega Minion is a great support. It is also mainly used in defense as they can not be easily taken down.

Top 5: Knight:


This mini/semi-tanker is on our top 5. At 3 elixirs, this Knight can do a lot. It has an above average amount of HP to tank for your pushes and can also defend. In Arena 10+, the Knight certainly has been sighted a lot of times in countering and then counter-pushing.

Top 4: Zap:


With a soaring number of bait cycle deck users, players always count on on this most-loved spell in the arena, the Zap Spell. Not only that, Zap only costs 2-elixir and can stop/halt a bunch of big threats from the Sparky down to the Goblin Gang. It is one of the cards essential if you are climbing in the ladder ranking.

Top 3: Goblin Gang:


These cheap combo of Goblins and Spear Goblins are highly-favored by Log or Zap baiters in the new Legendary Arena. At just 3 elixirs, they can both defend air and ground.

Top 2: The Log:


When The Log first came out, almost everybody don't want to use it and thought it was just a joke of a legendary card. After a few tweeks and buffs, it is now one of the most used card in the arena. It even landed in the top 2. With Zap bait decks running around, aside from Zap, having The Log is almost mandatory.

Top 1: Skeletons:


Although they're not the Skeleton Army with Larry, Terry, etc. these 4 skeletons landed on the top spot. At 1 elix, they can distract incoming enemies, whittle down a building locked tanker, and take care of that digging Miner.

Your Thoughts?

This updated Card Popularity Ranking leans more on cheap but sturdy units. Just like the Knight that can substitute as a cheap Giant, players are now interested in making their decks cheap and effective.

How about you? What keeps you busy in the arena today, Chief?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the list above by using the comments section.

Information is based on as of May 15, 2017

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