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Last modified: 15,02,2017

Here's the latest popular cards roaming in the arena today! How many cards are in your current deck?

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Top 10: Prince:


In my 10 battles, I faced a Prince deck once. This means the Prince deck users are staying at the middle or lower arenas today. It is a strong unit especially if you catch your enemy off guard. Is the Prince making a comeback in the meta? Let's wait and see in the next days.

Top 9: Witch:


With the increase of Giant users today, the Witch is being seen in the limelight together. Usually, players with this combo hold a Rage Spell. This forces the duo to make a hard-to-counter combo together with other low elixir units behind. It is a risky yet rewarding move if successful.

Top 8: Baby Dragon:


Honestly, I am surprised seeing the Baby Dragon to enter the most popular cards in the meta today. A lot of players are now considering it as an alternative support in their decks. Its splashing damage is quite deadly sitting with a good amount of HP. It can somehow hold the enemy's units attack letting other units do their jobs. Can we see it often in the next meta?

Top 7: Valkyrie:


The Valkyrie is the best support in terms of wiping out ground swarmers. Her medium tier HP can help your main units reach their target accordingly. Though it slowly walks towards, pushing her with your other cards will bring a lot of pressure on your enemy's part.

Top 6: Minion Horde:


The Minion Horde is simply a risky but worth it card in the arena. It can pulverize a tank unit, air or ground alone, but can be taken out by a 3-elixir cost card easily. But with the changes implied today, I think we will be seeing a lot of bait decks, especially in higher arenas. Prepare your spells to take them out, Chief!

Top 5: Giant:


Bringing himself in the spotlight once again, the Giant is becoming the majority's tank in particular arenas. Though some players are caught using Golem with Elite Barbarians recently, we cannot deny the fact that they are being outnumbered by the Giant users today. Let's see in the next meta if it will be everyone's favorite card, again.

Top 4: Musketeer:


The Musketeer is now making a comeback in almost all decks in Clash Royale. With its devastating power, targeted units/towers will receive real pain if left ignored. In my opinion, the Musketeer is one of the best range units in the game. You can use it early or in the upper arenas for trophy push or even tournament battles.

Top 3: Zap:


The nerfed Zap is forcing its users to change spells starting today! It is really unfortunate that Supercell snapped the Zap's ability down. Well, it's for everyone's sake, Chief.

Top 2: Fireball:


Last ranking's 4th reached the 2nd most used card in the arena today. The Fireball can always help you out if times are tough; especially against swarm units like the Barbarians, Minion Horde or even the Three Musketeers. It can ever wreck low HP towers or bring them down slowly. What more can you ask for from this card?

Top 1: Skeleton Army:


Crazy as it is, the Skeleton Army is now the top most popular card in the arena today. Surpassing the all time spell card, the Zap, this Skelly Swarmers might rule the arena in the next meta along with the Goblin Barrel together! Today's massive balance update will surely turn the past meta users' world upside down.

Your Thoughts?

Huge update just came in the arena today. It is a happy news for non-Elite Barbarians user who are in despair in the past weeks. With this, most players are also not happy due to the nerfs their favorite cards received in this update. This includes the Zap, Ice Golem and The Log.

Can we see a new and good meta in this new balance changes? What do you think, Chief?

As the others think, I am sensing the rise of Bait Decks in the coming weeks as well.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the list above by using the comments section.

Information is based on as of January 23, 2017

Article written by Forrest

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