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Last modified: 29,03,2017

Here's the latest popular cards roaming in the arena today! How many cards are in your current deck?

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Top 10: Minions:


Minions are one of the cheapest yet best support of all time. It can fit in a lot of decks, current meta or not, and can serve a huge help in winning. With only 3-elixir, it can fairly take down bulky units like the Bowler or other ground units quickly. Their count is a great advantage in the early plays. Opponents will tend to ignore them, saving their elixir for future use. Due to this, they can chip in damage that might be the cause for you to get a crown later on the game.

Top 9: Witch:


The Witch additional damage helps her to be viable once again in the arena. We are sensing a bunch of Giant with Poison decks due to this buff.

Top 8: Mini PEKKA:


The Mini P.E.K.K.A was gone for a while but it's making its comeback in the current meta. Each slash it performs is fatal that even bulky units are having a really bad time in dealing with it. Supporting the Mini PEKKA is truly a must, especially if it serve as your buzzer beater unit in a losing game. Can we predict what kind of decks it will perfectly fit on in today's meta?

Top 7: Valkyrie:


Her AoE and mini-tank feature keep her alive in the overall ranking of the game. She can critically damage and/or wipe out ground units effectively. She can also serve as the support of your deck's main unit. Same with the Musketeer, the Valkyrie is a unit you can see in almost all arenas inside the game.

Top 6: Fireball:


The Fireball stepped down a bit in today's popularity ranking. In my opinion, it is one of the best spells in the game. It can annihilate/critically damage horde of troops and can help users take down towers. The spell's versatility is very useful in any situations for only 4 elixir.

Top 5: Baby Dragon:


The Baby Dragon made a visible comeback after the buff it received. Most players don't see it as a tough support in higher arenas. The Baby Dragon can act as a decoy, a tank or a destroyer at the same time. With its additional range added, we are pretty sure it will now be considered in the next few days.

Top 4: Musketeer:


Undoubtedly, one of the best supporting unit in Clash Royale. Her damage and distance are superb for a 4-elixir cost. She can knock down a tower alone if left unattended. The Musketeer is one of those range units that can be seen in almost all arenas. It can fit in a slow push or fast cycle kinds of decks. Her power might be limited to only one enemy at a time, but it will save you big time if played well.

Top 3: Prince:


The Prince existence in today's meta is quite surprising. In the past, we can only see him in lower to mid arenas. But this time, players tend to use it in higher arenas with the newly buffed units. Right now, we can wait for the next wave of decks after the latest update.

Top 2: Giant:


The Giant is really making its comeback to the arena. Due to the Witch's buff, making a stiff and viable push is again an option for players in the arena. There's a lot of counters for this 5-elixir unit. That's why making her as the main support in higher arenas is pretty rare. Can we see the Witch in higher arenas in the next days after the update?

Top 1: Skeleton Army:


The army released one member from the latest update, but that does not mean that the squad cannot do wonders. It is still the best card in defeating bulky troops like the Giant, Elite Barbarians and the like. Though it is vulnerable to spells and splash damages, making a great timing to deploy it is a must.

Your Thoughts?

After the nerf that the Executioner received in the latest update, new decks will surely rise in the arena. Old cards are being buffed, making those handy together with the newest cards in the game.

The P.E.K.K.A's deploy time will turn most of the battles upside down. While a lot of slow push decks are also roaming in distinct arenas. Is this the time of the month that we will be seeing a lot of changes again?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the list above by using the comments section.

Information is based on as of February 15, 2017

Article written by Forrest

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