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Last modified: 6,01,2017

Knowing what card is the most popular in the arena can give you an advantage. It can tell you what meta is currently dominating the scene. The information you'll get can aid you in creating a new deck that can counter the game meta.

Top 10: Royal Giant:


This Giant's brother is still breaking the scene in the higher arenas. After countless of nerfs, the Royal Giant has proven himself and stayed intact on some decks. Players also learned how to play with the Royal Giant deck and complementing him with other cards such as the Ice Spirit and other spell cards to help him bash a tower.

Top 9: Barbarian Hut:


No, the spawners are not back but the Barbarian Hut is slowly marching their way. A high level Barbarian Hut can spawn a sturdy pair of Barbarians. They are great in countering ground troops. Aside from that, your opponent must - MUST counter each wave as these two Barbarians can deal a good damage against his tower.

Top 8: Musketeer:


It is almost a requirement to have in the arena. But you can still choose whether to have a Wizard or a Witch for a good ranged fire power.

Top 7: Lightning:


A 6 elixir card that has the power to wipe out your enemy's push. The Lightning spell is bolting its way back. A great spell card that you can use for offense and defense. It is usually used to get rid of any tanker's support.

Top 6: Poison:


Even though it has been nerfed together with the Giant, the Poison Spell is still on the list. Supercell removed the slowing movement effect but increased its radius and damage. With the same elixir cost as the Fireball, you can choose whether you want to have a wider damage radius or that quick explosive damage against a foe.

Top 5: Minions:


A very effective and cheap card to use against the Graveyard. They can easily sweep away those sprouting Skeletons with a good swipe.

Top 4: Archers:


We've got to admit, these Archers are there since Training Camp and are here to stay. They are sturdier than your average Spear Goblins. They can take two to three hits before retiring. Aside from that, they are also great troops to counter the Graveyard. (Which is gaining popularity)

Top 3: Ice Golem:


The noticeable buff that they made on the Ice Golem is his ability to pop out those pesky Skeleton Army with his death damage. For a 2 elixir troop card, the Ice Golem is a good choice to put in front of your troops that can shield away any counters such as Minions and Skeleton Army. That slow movement effect is pretty neat too!

Top 2: Skeleton Army:


Even though the Skeleton Army can be easily countered, it is on the top 2. For a 3 elixir cost, you can put a stop to any ground troops (provided you already baited out Arrows and Zap). P.E.K.K.A, Giant, Royal Giant are no match against these little critters. They are also a great counter against the Graveyard.

Top 1: Graveyard:


You might be wondering why most of the cards included on this list mentions the Graveyard. It is because, the Graveyard is on top of the list! It can topple down an unguarded tower in a matter of seconds. This card can also be used on offense and defense. Even though it costs 5 elixirs to deploy, the Graveyard has lived up to be a great Legendary Card.


Your Thoughts?

Two of the newest cards in Clash Royale, namely the Tornado and Elite Barbarians came at the lowest. The unpredictability of the Tornado and the Elite Barbarians' 6 elixir cost was kicked out in the Clash Royale arena. A new card, the Clone, will be out on December 9, 2016 and we can't wait to see if the meta and the card popularity ranking will change.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the list above by using the comments section.

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Originally published 08, 12, 2016

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