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Last modified: 6,01,2017

Clashers! After a week of a massive update, here's another set of popular cards from the past week! Change has really come!

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Top 10: Mega Minion:


Last week’s Top 5 dropped in the 10th spot. The Mega Minion, has received a drastic nerf in the past, making it less handy in most of the decks. Players tend to still use this armored Minion due to its distinct ability. Can we still see it in the next meta?

Top 9: Giant:


The Giant is getting a low rate of users because of a sudden change of meta. But worry not, this bulky unit is still one of the best in any arenas. With only 5 elixir cost, the Giant can be difficult to stop if teamed-up with a great range and AoE smashers.

Top 8: Valkyrie:


The Valkyrie was once a supreme unit together with the Musketeer and Hog Rider. Its average HP and AoE damage is a special ability wherein she can serve as a mini tank and distraction during offensive or defensive situations. In the present meta, the Valk is making its comeback on the arena. Can she still manage to be one of the best supports inside the game?

Top 7: Musketeer:


The Musketeer is a highly praised range unit in Clash Royale. With only 4 Elixir, supporting your main units in offensive and defensive stations is easy. Its critical damage are the player’s favorite ability, especially if they are left ignored. The Musketeer can be a slow-push or fast cycle deck unit. A viable range troop, indeed.

Top 6: Elite Barbarians:


The new cancer is here! Dubbed by most of the players today, the Elite Barbarians are so ELITE! making them as the most used “new” buffed card in Clash Royale. Their speed is just plain crazy and not making a quick response will leave your tower crashed. Have you tried playing with these upgraded Barbarians already?

Top 5: Minion Horde:


A lot of decks are being seen in the arena today. But most of them holds a Minion Horde card for fast annihilation. This squad can easily wipe out ground units accordingly. With their all-out power, tanks will always be dead before it reaches their target. But be always wary, for they might be killed by spells to counter their swarm!

Top 4: Hog Rider:


One of the crowd’s favorite, up until today, the Hog Rider. With old or new cards available, supporting this unit is pretty easy. They can push your trophies real hard if you understand the right timing of its deployment. With the Elite Barbarians insane buff, pairing it with this unit is really awesome. Can we still see this Hog Lover troop in future metas?

Top 3: Fireball:


Maintaining its past ranking spot, the Fireball is still a favorable spell in every season. This spell can drastically weaken the enemy’s tower. With that said, all units can easily be wipe out with its damage. With a lot of Electro Wizard decks incoming, it is recommended for you to bring the Fireball, not only for the new Legendary Unit, but with also a lot of swarms that might join it for a useful deck. Wreck them apart, Chief!

Top 2: Skeleton Army:


The Skarmy card is getting stronger, in terms of user rate, as the weeks passed by!They might be risky but once you learn the enemy’s set of cards, using this unit must be easy!

Top 1: Zap:


Zap can still save lives up until this moment. With no further information that we would like to write, Zap is such a great card created for Clash Royale. Agree?

Your Thoughts?

We are not surprised about the Elite Barbarians crazy usage rate in the current meta. But in our insights, this buffed unit will have its nerf in the near future. With that aside, players still know how to use the existing cards perfectly. Can we see a new meta aside from the Elite Barbs today?

What do you think of this current popular cards today, Chief?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the list above by using the comments section.

Information is based on as of December 26, 2016

Article written by Forrest

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