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Last modified: 6,01,2017

The game has turned upside down after the latest update this December. With a lot of buffs received by distinct cards, are they on the most popular cards this week?

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Top 10: Arrows:


A lot of bait decks are roaming around the higher arenas, making the Arrows, once again, handy in the game today. This spell is often seen in the Lava Hound, Graveyard and even some Royal Giant decks being played in the arena. Players see this as a great alternative for The Log for it can annihilate low HP air and ground units quick.

Top 9: Archers:


Archers are cheap yet strong support in some of the famous decks in the higher arenas. Archers cannot be killed by a single Zap or sometimes, even The Log. They are often ignored making them handy in chipping in damage against towers.

Top 8: Minion Horde:


The Minion Horde is a deadly squad if left unattended. Its overall damage can turn down bulky units and huge threats on ground. Though they are weak against splashers/spells, utilizing them is easy especially if the game reaches its final minute.

Top 7: Musketeer:


The Musketeer is a deadly unit especially if ignored. Its critical damage can surely harm the enemy’s tower/units quick. Her fair HP is enough to make a great impact in the result of a battle. We don’t think a buff or nerf is needed for this unit. It is just perfectly fine for any decks popular today.

Top 6: Giant:


With its bulky HP and fair damage, Giant is still one of the best picks to push trophies early. With some proper cards together, stopping this tank can be really difficult. With that said, Giant decks are still reigning on higher arenas due to its flexibility and usefulness.

Top 5: Mega Minion:


The Mega Minion is still a useful pick especially for slow-push decks. It can survive from the Arrows or Zap, and can even deal with the Fireball if lucky. Just like any other cards, it can fit to any set of cards depending on the player’s gameplay. Can we still see a lot of decks in the future with this Armoured Minion?

Top 4: Hog Rider:


No questions are needed to be asked for this unit will always be on the meta of Clash Royale. The Hog Rider’s versatility can always be supported by a lot of cards available. It can fit with a slow-push deck, swarm or even fast-cycle decks. You just need to strategize and outsmart your enemy in each battle to win.

Top 3: Skeleton Army:


Players are entertained with the received buff of this army. Due to that, a lot of users are keen enough to bring a lot of spells to counter this pesky card. Can they still rank in the next updates?

Top 2: Fireball:


In any meta, Fireball, along with the Zap, is always the crowd’s favorite in taking down towers or enemies. Fireball can help players win a decisive game, as well wipe out threats visible in the arena. With only 4 elixir, this spell can always put you in the upper hand of an ongoing battle.

Top 1: Zap:


Zap will always have a place in the deck of almost all players in the arena. Though its user percentage rate went down a bit, its versatility remains the same. Zap can fit with any decks, even a lot of updates/nerfs happened in any cards in the the deck of almost all players in the arena. Though its percentage rate went down a bit, its versatility remains the same.

Your Thoughts?

Checking the current meta is making me confused due to the newest update rolled out. But one thing is for sure, we are seeing a lot of Elite Barbarians users in some arenas today. Its buffed power made it viable for players who are looking for alternative cards to play with. In my opinion, plenty of changes will be here in the next few weeks. This will happen once the players found a stable set of cards they can play all throughout.

What do you think of this current popular cards today, Chief?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the list above by using the comments section.

Information is based on as of December 20, 2016

Article written by Forrest

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