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Last modified: 6,01,2017

Popular cards in the arena today are the basis of what the current meta is. With a lot of tweaks and nerfs that happened in the previous updates, are we seeing a lot of changes in the past ranking?

Top 10: Witch:


The Witch is gently making a comeback as one of the most popular cards in the game today. No doubt that her splash damage, as well as its summoning ability, made her special in the arena. We can safely say that the Witch will always be a viable unit in slow push decks. Make sure to place her behind your bulky units or crown towers for further assistance.

Top 9: Musketeer:


One of the toughest range unit is still in the most popular units today. This card can be used in all situations. Its critical damage is perfect against towers, medium tier troops and even against tanks. You can use it on slow push or rush decks effectively. Just like the Witch, you must cover it with a beefy unit to extend its ability.

Top 8: Valkyrie:


Though the classic Trifecta is not that famous anymore, its ground supporting troop will always have a place in most of the decks today. The Valkyrie’s splash damage and semi-tank feature made it handy in any arenas. The increase of Skarmy users are hindering a lot of decks that’s why having this unit is a must.

Top 7: Giant:


Giant is still dominating Clash Royale in any arenas today. One of the best tank unit you can rely on in the battlefield. This unit also received a lot of changes in the past updates, yet, players find a way to make it even stronger.

Top 6: Mega Minion:


The Mega Minion still made it to the top 10 even after the biggest nerf it received in the November 30 update. This made a lot of players sad, particularly Giant and Lava Hound users. But most of the players still stick with this aerial monster in their main decks. Why? Simply because it cannot be killed by a single hit by most cards in the game.

Top 5: Minion Horde:


With the risk of being taken down easily, players still bet that this horde is one of the ultimate units in the arena. They can always stop big threats in the game. Giants, Hog Riders and the like might be supported all throughout, but after learning the enemy’s strategy, card cycle and elixir count, playing this unit will be a piece of cake.

Top 4: Hog Rider:


Without a doubt, the Hog Rider will always be in the top in this game. Since the start of Clash Royale, this unit is always present in the past metas up to now. This versatile unit is not hard to find a deck to fit in. His speed, damage, and the pressure it can bring made it the apple of the eye of most of the players. This is regardless of the player’s level and arena. We just recommend you to level it up quick for it to be extra handy.

Top 3: Fireball:


Very useful in all arenas. The Fireball can simply annihilate group of troops especially low HP units. This spell is also a great elixir trade against the Three Musketeers, Barbarians and the like. Can also help its user to win a game where enemies’ are really great on defense. Knock down that tower slowly!

Top 2: Zap:


Personally, one of my best cards in any of my created decks. Its simple yet extremely important role can always help you to somehow control battles in any situation. With only 2 elixir, it can always do wonders without you knowing it.

Top 1: Skeleton Army:


Its boost made it to the top spot in the popular cards in the arena today. Very effective to almost all popular decks roaming around. Can be used on both offense and defense. A great distraction especially against big threats in the battle.

Your Thoughts?

New cards are now live and available for players to play in the arena. Aside from these cards above, there are a lot of new deck strategies being seen in the game. If you tried watching battles in the TV Royale, you will see a lot of Bowler decks in higher arenas. Also, with the Clone spell's released, we might see a lot of troll decks from now on.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the list above by using the comments section.

Information is based on as of December 12, 2016

Article written by Forrest

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