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Clash Royale Card Popularity Ranking

Check out what is the most popular card there is in the Clash Royale Arena!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on February 15, 2017.
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Here's the latest popular cards roaming in the arena today! How many cards are in your current deck?

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Top 10: Baby Dragon:


After months, the Baby Dragon has somehow regained its popularity in lower and upper arenas. It can now serve as a handy decoy, tank, and even as an attacker. Its received buff made the Baby Dragon viable again. Can we see a lot more BDs on top?

Top 9: Minions:


Their elixir cost makes them viable in almost all situations in the game. This trio can kill big threats on the ground. Their HPs might be low, but their attack power is handy. Minions are best on both offensive and defensive. They can also serve as a big support to its user's main unit.

Top 8: Hog Rider:


It is really hard to look for a useful and stable deck without considering the Hog Rider to be in it. Players often make this 4-elixir unit to be on their deck in almost all rankings in the game. Ladder, Tournament or even in Clan Battles.

The Hog Rider is easy to support and relatively strong. Maybe that's the reason why most of the players are counting on it in tough battles.

Top 7: The Log:


A mini nerf is received by The Log in the past update, but this does not mean that it is weak now. Along with a lot of bait and swarm decks today, the Log is still considered as a great wiper of these troops. The Log can even help in wrecking towers all throughout the battle. Annoying Princesses will be killed in an instant if their levels are low.

Top 6: Musketeer:


One of the best support in town. The Musketeer only rakes 4-elixir per deployment, but can be devastating if left ignored. The Musketeer is still the best pick as support in any kinds of decks. Air, Bait and even swarm decks. She can take down bulky units single-handedly. Only if no support is behind.

Top 5: Giant:


Giant decks are still a thing in almost all arenas today. His bulky ability is such a great thing to support by any of the available troops. They are quite unstoppable once his user knew how to deal with the enemy. Also, with the incoming new legendary, the Night Witch, players will choose this 5-elixir tank troop to make a successful combo.

Top 4: Arrows:


With a lot of swarm and bait decks running in the arena today, Arrows are the best answer to those. Yes, Zap is a great spell card, but it cannot kill aerial troops (Minion Horde, Minions) in an instant. These flying threats usually are supported making them hard to kill if not by this spell. Using Arrows be a positive or equal elixir trade often.

Top 3: Zap:


In my opinion, Zap will always be the most popular card in the arena. Its power is just superb and can do wonders anytime. Its 2-elixir cost helps its user to cycle, retarget, stun, cancel and even annihilate a swarm of troops. Do we need to say more?

Top 2: Fireball:


The Fireball is still a viable spell card in early arenas up to the top. Its power is immeasurable particularly in knocking down a bunch of troops. With only 4-Elixir, destroying the enemy's squad is just a piece of cake. Just make sure to have your aiming ability to be always on point.

Top 1: Skeleton Army:


The Skarmy is still considered as the most popular card in the game today. With a lot of changes that happened in the arena in the past weeks, its ranking is still on top. Even though it can be killed by a single Zap, this did not stop the Skeleton Army to be one of the most useful cards today. Can it still manage when the Night Witch makes its debut in the arena?

Your Thoughts?

In my opinion, the current meta will take a long way before it will be revamped. The meta today is the mixture of Bait and Slow Push Decks. Along with these are the Elite Barbarians Deck. Yes, they are still a thing in the game these days.

While some are dedicated to reaching the upper Leagues, a lot of players are now enjoying the Clan Battles and other events that Supercell rolls out.

How about you? What keeps you busy in the arena today, Chief?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the list above by using the comments section.

Information is based on as of March 29, 2017

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