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Last modified: 16,01,2017

Here's the latest popular cards roaming in the arena today! How many cards are in your current deck?

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Top 10: The Log:


The Log can almost deal with all ground units effectively if casted wisely. It can push big threats forcing them to retarget at some point. Not only that, it can also kill low HP swarm units quickly. With only 2-elixir, players prefer this unit in either cycling the cards they need, or to chip in damage against the opponent's towers.

Top 9: Minions:


The sudden increase of the Minions' users is due to the Elite Barbarians rampage. With an Ice Golem or Ice Spirit, taking them down with the Minions is far more viable. If played successfully, you can have the positive elixir trade you need to make a stronger counter attack against your enemy.

Top 8: Mega Minion:


The Mega Minion ranked up from the 10th spot in the past rankings shared. Its features made it viable especially in the popular Graveyard Bowler Deck today. It cannot be killed by the most used spells like the Fireball, Arrows or Zap if HP is still full. A great support and hitter depending on the user's set of cards. Are you still using the Mega Minion in your current arena?

Top 7: Musketeer:


This 4-elixir unit is a great support and tower smasher at the same time. It can critically lower down your opponent's tower if left ignored. An awesome support to any kind of units around. Just make sure to place it in a sweet spot to help it longer. You can use it later as a counter attack unit if holding enough elixir.

Top 6: Minion Horde:


The Minion Horde is best in any types of decks, especially, Bait Decks. It can take down a tower in just a snap or can defeat a big threat in your lair. Supporting them is best to extend their abilities further once you cast them. Risky but it's worth a try.

Top 5: Hog Rider:


Hog Rideeeer~ This versatile card is still one of the most use units in the arena. It can fit with the old or new cards in the game. You can put it in a cycle, slow-push or even an aggressive decks today. You just need to level it up to make it further viable in any arenas.

Top 4: Fireball:


Dropped in the 4th spot in today's ranking, the Fireball is still one of the best spells in the game, ever. With its devastating power, any horde will be severely weakened or dead in an instant. I still wonder if units who survived its blast smells like toasted marshmallows.

Top 3: Elite Barbarians:


Elite Barbarians are BEYOND elite, in my opinion. Though it can be countered with the cards available in the game today, lowering their ability is a big YES for the majority of the Clashers. It seems that SuperCell is thinking hard on how to cure the current cancer in the arena.

Top 2: Skeleton Army:


The Skeleton Army or popularly known as the Skarmy made a huge impact after receiving an epic buff. Nowadays, the Skarmy is the answer to almost all cancer cards in the arena. Just make sure to know the enemy's on hand cards first before deploying it later in the battlefield. Timing is the key!

Top 1: Zap:


No words here, Chief. Just accept the fact that the Zap will always be in your enemies' decks almost all the time.

Your Thoughts?

Today's meta is slowly changing due to the Dart Goblin's release. Though it is not on this list, it is included in the list where big changes happened 5 days ago.

February is approaching. Meaning changes might happen in the last week of this month or earlier next month. We hope great improvements and nerfs for a fresh new meta. Right now, I'll just stick with my current set of cards. In this ranking, I am using 4 cards in my main deck. Can you guess it? Nope, I am not an Elite Barbarians user. :)

Feel free to share your thoughts on the list above by using the comments section.

Information is based on statsroyale.com as of January 16, 2017

Article written by Forrest

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