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Though the Cannon was nerfed too much, it can still be a mean machine that will deter every attack on your playing field.


The Cannon is a defensive building that players can unlock in the Barbarian Bowl. This unit used to be a very powerful card in the early days of Clash Royale. However, the balance update decreased te Cannon's stats. Although the updates nerfed it, many players still employ the Cannon for their defense.


The best thing about having Cannon is that you never have to worry of the incoming spawns. Examples of which are those coming from the Huts or a Skeleton Army. The Cannon is the main defensive anchor of this deck, which will wipe out every opposing unit and also acts as a building defense.

Proper positioning is the strategic key for this defensive building. Players can also use this card to lure and pull in every opposing unit. This will save the crown towers from being attacked immediately.

Clash Royale's Cannon Deck for Arena 5:

Cannon Freeze Baby Dragon Skeleton Army
cannon.png freeze.png baby_dragon.png skeleton_army.png
Mini P.E.K.K.A Spear Goblins Bomber Archers
mini_PEKKA.png spear_goblins.png bomber.png archers.png

Card Roles:

Average Elixir Cost: 3.4

Cannon – Will be the defensive anchor and the key unit of this deck. The Cannon can easily take out low HP units and attack them. This will save the crown tower from being targeted.

Freeze, Baby Dragon, and Skeleton Army – These cards will take care of charging and attacking the opponents' tower. The Skeleton Army will be the distraction. The Freeze and the Baby Dragon will take care of the rest and the Crown Tower.

Mini P.E.K.K.A and Spear Goblins – These guys will serve as the shock troopers of this deck. The Mini P.E.K.K.A will assist in destroying towers and high HP troops. The Spear Goblins will take care of swarms and aerial units around.

Bomber – This unit will throw bombs with splash damage. It will wipe out low HP units with ease.

Archers – They will support the Cannon and will take care of aerial units. Archers have to make sure that they will eliminate every flying troop as the Cannon can only take out ground type units.

Battle Strategy:

Wait until the Elixir bar is full. This will give you time to scout what are the cards of your opponent. It will also give you a quick audit of what type of patterns and strategies he will apply.  As soon as the Elixir Bar is full, drop the Cannon between the Crown Towers.

When the opposing units reach the bridge, deploy the Archers, Bomber, and Spear Goblins. Archers and Bomber will support and back up the Cannon. The Spear Goblins will take the other route to counter attack. Once the attacking units are wiped out, drop down the Baby Dragon. Push the lane with the remaining troops from the first clash.

The minute the Baby Dragon and the other troops reached the Crown Tower, drop the Freeze spell. This strategy will enable the Baby Dragon and the rest of the troops to inflict heavy damage on the tower. If in any case the tower survives from the attack, just let the opposing units reach your side of the field and then again deploy the Cannon. As you can see, this going to be a repetitive process until one of you two runs out of Elixir.

If you feel that your enemy is somehow waiting for his Elixir to reach the full bar status at the 60 seconds mark, try to drop out some cheap troops like the Spear Goblins to create pressure. If luck is also on your side, quickly drop down the Cannon between your towers. The opponent might do a rush attack to get even.

Like what I’ve said, this is going to be a repetitive process. Since the deck succeeds on taking down one Crown Tower, the only thing that you need to do is to focus and defend. As much as possible, try to avoid on committing lapses as it will costs you the game.


2016-04-19-11-55-37-Cannon_Deck_Weakness.JPG 2016-04-19-11-55-33-Cannon_Deck_Arena_5_Weakness.JPG

Although this deck can be very efficient, there will be times that you will experience defeat, most especially if your opponent has the following cards on his deck. Just always keep in mind to constantly protect the Cannon with anti-air units like Archers and Spear Goblins.

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Special thanks to Imperial Gaming for sharing this deck!

"MAKE MONEY FAST!" | Clash Royale | Cannon Deck - Best Defensive Unit In The Game


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