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Clash Royale Cannon Cart

The Cannon Cart is your walking Cannon. It can move swiftly like the Electro Wizard. Get to know more about this Epic card here.
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Type Epic
Stats at Level 1 HP (696), Shield HP (696), Damage (203), DPS (169)
Technical Details Deploy Time (1 sec), Targets (Ground), Speed (Fast), Hit Speed (1.2 sec), Range (5.5)
Other Details A Cannon on wheels?! Bet they won't see that coming! Once you break its shield, it becomes a Cannon not on wheels.

Note: Information is not yet final and is still subject to change.

Cannon Cart Overview:

The Cannon Cart costs 5 elixirs and is an Epic Card. It is unlockable in Arena 10 - Hog Mountain. It is much like a Sparky but moves pretty fast like the Electro Wizard. Its range is the same as the Ice Wizard but can only target ground units. This Cannon Cart is able to shoot as fast as the Archers and can deal damage like a level 1 LumberJack. After shattering its shield, it will then act as a regular Cannon.

Min and Max Stats:

Cannon Cart
Card Level Lvl 1 Lvl 4 (Tourney Level) Lvl 8
HP 524 696 1,011
Shield HP 524 696 1,011
Damage 153 203 295
Damage per sec 127 169 245

Cannon Cart on Offense:

The Cannon Cart moves fast just like the Electro Wizard. It can definitely match with speedy units such as the Hog Rider and the Elite Barbarians. It can deal AoE damage just like your regular Cannon and loses its Troop status to Building once its shield is broken.

Cannon Cart on Defense:

The Cannon Cart has a total of 1,048 combined HP (Shield HP included). It can be a good defense unit as it has the same range as the Ice Wizard. When the shield breaks, you will have your own Building defending your base. This will be perfect for tower-locking units.

How to counter the Cannon Cart:

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The Cannon Cart can move fairly fast. We might even see it together with Hog Riders, Elite Barbarians, and the Battle Ram. Although costly, it should be effective against tower-locking units such as the Giant, Royal Giant, and the Golem.

Last modified: 1,08,2017

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