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CCGS World Finals
Who will compete in the CCGS World Finals in London, get to know more about it here!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on November 20, 2017.
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Crown Championship Global Series or better known as CCGS will have its first worldwide competition in London. The date is just around the corner and it is going to happen on December 3, 2017. The top prize is over $150,000 and the privilege of wearing the golden crown.

CCGS Regional Winners:

You will see in the table below who will join the CCGS World in London.

North America:

Placement Player
1st MusicMaster
2nd CMcHugh
3rd B-rad
4th Wings
5th Trainer Luis
6th ahcraaaap
  • Music Master and CMcHugh will go to London for the Finals.


Placement Player
1st loupanji
2nd Berin
3rd Loay
4th Soking
5th iSlaw
6th SurgicalGoblin
  • loupanji and Berin will go to London for the Finals.

Latin America:

Placement Player
1st Adrian Piedra
2nd Sergio Ramos
3rd OsledyChacon
4th KodigoCR
5th Pompeyo4
6th King JOAO
  • Adrian Piedra and Sergio Ramos will go to London for the Finals.

South East Asia:

Placement Player
1st Tali
2nd TMD Xiake
3rd Detective Hecka
4th Legend
5th TMD YaoYao
6th TMD Aaron
7th Poseidon
8th MilitaryAttack
  • tali and another invitational player in SEA will go to London for the Finals.


Placement Player
1st HwangSinWoong
2nd Han SeungPyo
3rd Lee YoungGi
4th Jang BongSeok
  • HwangSinWoong and Han SeungPyo will go to London for the Finals.


Placement Player
1st Little Chen Iciop
2nd Iciop


Placement Player
1st Huti
2nd Amaterasu
  • Huti and Amaterasu will go to London for the Finals.

Rest Of the World:

Placement Player
1st ElecTr1fy
2nd Jigsawqt
3rd Leymoy
4th Manly
5th Hymin
Disqualified Devansh
  • ElecTr1fy and Jigsawqt will go to London for the Finals.
  • Note: If you want to check out Devansh's disqualification, CLICK HERE.

Invitational Tournament:

Placement Player
1st ColtonW83
2nd Oxalate
3rd Atchiin
4th King Joao
5th Soking
6th David
7th Vulkan
8th Surgical Goblin
9th Azilysgames
10th Renan Cava
11th Doberman
12th Nemsensei
13th Jigsawqt
14th Hymin
15th LecoCR
  • ColtonW83 will go to London for the Finals.

CCGS Location and Ticket Price:

Location, Time and Date:

CCGS World Finals' date is on December 3rd 2017 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. The location is at Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Waterden Rd, London E20 3HB, UK. For more information on how to get to the event you can click HERE.

Ticket Price:

  • GBP 40 or around $55 - This includes exclusive CCGS World Finals merch worth GBP 65 or around $90 and entrance to the world finals.
    • Merch includes: Limited Edition Gold Barbarian, Messenger Bag, Reversible Beanie
  • GBP 20 or around $30 - Only includes entrance to the world finals.

For ticket purchase, you can CLICK HERE.

CCGS Streaming:

If you can't visit London to get a true feel of Clash Royale battles, you can easily watch via streaming on December 3, 2017 10:00 AM UTC.


If you live in London and is an avid Clash Royale fan, make sure to go get a ticket. This is a chance for you to meet famous Youtubers and watch the battle live! If you have any additional questions about the event, feel free to go to the official website of the CCGS HERE.

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