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Do you enjoy using the stinky poison spell? Here is a great deck we have found for Arenas 5 and 6.


This nasty Clash Royale deck will leave your enemy in despair by utilizing it properly. See how the deck creator deals with his opponent by making great team combos and good defensive plays throughout the battle. The Prince + Valk combo is one of a kind in this deck.


Deck Strength:

In this Clash Royale Poison deck, you will see a lot of counter cards that can be turned into offensive troops to help out your main troops on the battlefield. Splash damage is all over and those summoned skeletons can make a big difference when scoring a crown. This is just a near perfect deck if you are great at utilizing the poison spell in the game.

Best Poison Spell Deck Arena 5 and 6:

Poison Spell Witch Prince Valkyrie
poison.png witch.png prince.png valkyrie.png
Archers Arrows Goblins Cannon
archers.png arrows.png goblins.png cannon.png

Card Roles:

  • Poison SpellThis Clash Royale spell will always put you in the lead, making your opponent's tower and troops be in a dire and irritating situation. Their HPs will gradually lose throughout its area. This spell can be used either on defense or offense.
  • WitchHer summoning skill and versatility makes her special in defending and making lots of troops be distracted at any time. She can be a handy card against a PEKKA or a horde of Barbarians/Minion that will try to wreck your towers.
  • PrinceDropping him unexpectedly in the battlefield will make him more effective in the game. For greater usage, pair him with a Valkyrie to kill any ground troops that will hinder him in reaching a certain tower/building.
  • ValkyrieHer AoE makes the world go round as she spins every time to counter and kill any troops along the way. Her HP is fair enough to tank most of the damage in a short period of time. Best used in defending against a horde of troops. Support her with your other cards available to use her power to its full extent.
  • ArchersVery cheap and can be very handy against a Hog Rider and/or any other bulky troops. They might be considered as a low HP troops, as well, but their damage must not be taken for granted.
  • ArrowsUse this spell card against Skeleton Army or Minion Horde to quickly eliminate them. Leaving them behind can perform a lot of damage in your tower. This can also be used against incoming swarm troops and also for supporting your Prince's team to immediately eliminate low HP counters.
  • GoblinsThese green guys can solely deal with a Hog Rider with any level. Their damage is superb and can promptly kill it alone. Can also be used in killing beefy tanks like Giant and Giant Skeleton. Watch out for those arrows or splash damage.
  • Cannon. The distraction that you will be needing to keep your enemy's troops away from your crown towers. Dropping this must be in a timely manner to use it properly. Its elixir cost will not be a major problem throughout the game. Its support can keep your towers alive at all times.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Make an early lead in the first minute of the game by dropping your Valkyrie behind your crown tower. Wait for your enemy's move. If he counters the Valkyrie, support her by dropping your low-cost elixir troops. This will somehow control the flow of troops in the lane. If you feel you can dominate the lane, drop your Prince immediately once your troops reached the river. Most of the time, you can severely damage a tower or can even destroy it.

Utilize your Witch by making her do splash damage and spawn skeletons in defense. If a PEKKA has been dropped or any tank kind of troop, she will be the best option to counter those. Make sure to provide support like Valkyrie or Cannon, depending on those incoming troops. If needed, drop your Poison Spell too slowly kill those swarm troops. The poison spell can also be dropped while against any building towers. Make sure to not drop it around the King Tower area to avoid it being activated early.

In the second minute of the game, you can keep pressuring your enemy by making the team combo given in the first part of the strategy. This deck might not be a fast-paced deck but can assure your victory in the last minute of the game through the use of the Poison Spell. If a Prince is coming, use your own Prince acting as the shield while your Archers or other troops do constant damage.

In the 60-second mark, make sure to wreck a tower and after that, defend your towers to avoid going into overtime.

Deck Weakness:

This deck can fairly deal with any kind of decks by using the corresponding cards while on defense. Even a Hog Rider deck might get a hard time entering your base through this. The challenge might be in the cards that you will draw while playing, and also poor placement of troops might get you in trouble. There might also be times that you will be having a difficulty in dealing with air troops like Balloon or Baby Dragon. If your enemy got these cards, always reserve your Archers or Witch to counter those.

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It will be an annoying experience dealing with this kind of Clash Royale deck if you are consistently pushing your trophies in your current arena. Using it will be a big challenge, but once you got used to it, knowing its strengths and flaws, you can deal with it properly in the future battles.

Special thanks to Ash for this featured deck!

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