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Planning to use the popular Golem Lightning combo? Here's our featured article showcasing the power of this beast in the arena today.


November’s meta is filled with huge tanks including the mighty Golem. This beast continuously walks down the battlefield in higher arenas. With the devastating power of the Lightning, can you master how to use all cards in this deck precisely?


The deck mainly relies on the Golem Lightning combo. With this powerful combo available, making a viable team-up is possible. This increases the deck’s chances of winning. This set of cards can fairly answer units in both air and ground.

This Golem Lightning deck is strong against Hog Rider and the like. You can make the most out of it, especially in the last 60 seconds of the game.

Best Golem Lightning Deck Arena 7 Above:

Golem Lightning Miner Tombstone
golem.png lightning.png miner.png tombstone.png
Mega Minion Archers Baby Dragon Zap
2016-11-01-08-15-19-MegaMinionCard.png archers.png baby_dragon.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Golem: The Golem’s bulky HP is mainly used to tank every damage of the enemy’s units. This gives the pressure you need to create a massive attack against your opponent. Make a good drop and team combo to make it useful in its every appearance.
  • Lightning: Wise timing is all you need to make this spell works. After your opponent formed a 3-unit combo, quickly drop this spell to annihilate them. This will save your Golem from deep trouble. You can also use this against buildings/towers who will hinder your big unit to reach its main target. Can also be used while defending your base.
  • Miner: Let your enemy’s crown tower lock its target on your Golem. Once this happens, deploy the Miner to deal great amount of damage towards it. Use this unit to knock down Collectors or distract range units effectively.
  • Tombstone: The best support of your units in your enemy’s lair. Drop to let your Skeletons roll out. Once this happens, buildings who will hinder the Golem is going to be distracted. This will increase your chance to have a fair push afterwards. Utilize this card to lure dangerous units like the Hog Rider, Mini PEKKA, Giant, etc.
  • Mega Minion: Use this unit to support your Golem. Kill low HP troops to help your tank reach its destination. Place it behind to extend its HP and ability.
  • Archers: While your Golem and Mega Minion do the work, deploy this card to chip-in some great damage against towers. You can also use this for defensive measures.
  • Baby Dragon: This air splasher is important to make this deck extra useful. Just like the Archers, use it mainly for support in the battle. It can also send out fair damage against targets.
  • Zap: Use this against Minion Horde, Sparky, Inferno Tower, etc. This is the best answer to reset the target of your enemy’s unit(s). Can also drastically damage low HP troops. Wisely use this card especially if your enemy holds a lot of distraction like the popular Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel, etc.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Cycle your deck until you have the Tombstone available. Drop this building in the center of your base as you wait for your enemy’s answer. Once your Elixir reaches 10 again, drop the Archers behind the King Tower. By this, you can pressure your enemy to make some major moves. You can now analyze their deck and can act accordingly later. Maintain pressure by supporting your Archers by the Baby Dragon. Place it behind the Crown Tower. Make sure that the distance of the Archer and the Baby Dragon is 2 to 3 tiles away from each other. Your enemy will likely form a team to counter your move. Once you force them to do it, use the Lightning to send out critical damage. Wait for their answer as you prepare your Mega Minion and/or Miner to do some defensive moves. Place and use them according to your enemy’s deployed units.

Let your elixir reaches 10 if your enemy is waiting for your next move. Drop the Golem behind the King Tower after. Before it reaches the river, place down your Tombstone for distraction. Let your Mega Minion support the Golem in this phase. If possible, use the Miner or wait until the Lightning Spell becomes available. If your Golem is distracted, use Zap to confuse enemies nearby. This will help your beefy unit to make 2-3 smashes against their tower. Prepare the Tombstone once again for defense. If splashers are supporting the enemy’s big push, use the Baby Dragon for support. Archers will likely be killed if used in this situation. Support this air unit by dropping the Mega Minion for a fast kill.

Once the game reaches its final minute, you can now cycle your cards quickly. Drop the Golem in the King’s Tower > make use of the Tombstone > help them with the Baby Dragon and Mega Minion. Cast the Lightning Spell once you see three available targets. Utilize the Miner after opening the Golem’s way. Your Miner can freely hit the enemy’s tower if lucky. Repeat these steps until you make your opponent’s tower critical. You can finish it by the Lightning, Miner, and Zap. Just make sure to defend wisely to cycle the cards you need at the last minute(s) of the game.


This deck might be in trouble if you face aggressive enemies. The challenge will start if you feel pressured early. Using a lot of elixir will weaken your chance of winning. Spawner decks may also be a pain in the neck with this set of cards. We recommend you to keep your cool and stick with this deck’s strategy. If you feel it will be hard for you to win, aim for a Draw battle. If facing a lot of spawners, you can use a spell like The Log or Fireball.


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In the current meta (November), beefy tanks came to life once again. But this time they are meaner with the Lightning Spell.

This deck is one of those popular decks today. If you love to play a slow-push deck without being left out in this season, we strongly advise you use this deck starting on the ideal arena stated.

Happy clashing!

Special thanks to Chief Pat for this deck.

Article written by: Forrest

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017

Originally Published: 22, 11, 2016


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