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Running through the aisle of Arena 7 is extremely hard. However, the deck in this article is built to reach Arena 8. It was a deck from a fellow clasher with some improvements based on Jason's deck, this year's Clash Royale Champion.


Deck Strength:

The deck is awesome as it contains a rare, common, and a legendary card! Like what we have stated, this is a hybrid type of Jason's deck as the creator of this one was inspired to do so. With the power of the Giant + Hog Rider deck, this set of cards is unstoppable, giving every user a chance to defend and wreck a tower at the same time.

PS: If a Princess card is not yet available in your hands, use 'Arrows' instead.

Best Clash Royale Deck to get to Legendary Arena - Arena 7:

Minion Horde Freeze Hog Rider Giant
Minion Horde Freeze Hog Rider Giant
Goblins Barbarians Princess Fireball
Goblins Barbarians Princess Fireball

Card Roles:

  • Minion Horde. Best used against beefy tanks (e.g Giant, PEKKA, Golem). The Minion Horde can also be effective against air troops. Make sure to lock their target first into a certain troop or tower on your side before you drop them in. Try not to use them against a Wizard in a 1v1 battle. They can be killed with a single shot. Use them carefully.
  • Hog Rider + Freeze. Best team combo for this kind of deck. Can be used to pressure enemy's tower early in the game. The power is immeasurable and can severely damage a tower if ignored. Beware in any building tower for the Hog Rider can be distracted easily by these. The Freeze Spell can also be used in defense if needed. Drop it in a horde of troops to buy time and elixir.
  • Giant. His attack and HP are beyond giving him the full attention of your opponent's in your every drop. Pair him with the Barbarians and the Minion Horde if possible. They are unstoppable most of the time.
  • Goblins. Their low HP might be a huge problem, but pairing them to any high HP troops you have got in the deck will give them the time they need to eliminate a single troop easily. Their damage is dangerous if left unattended.
  • Barbarians. Their HP and attack damage are strong to enough to kill any ground troops on site. Weak against any splash damage like Bomber or Bomber Tower but can keep up long enough to let your Giant reach and wreck a building or tower. Can also be used for defense if needed.
  • Princess/Arrows. Its long range power can deal with any flying troops like Minion Horde in just a few seconds. These cards can help out your tank and push troops to reach a single tower easier.
  • Fireball. Ultimate eliminator of either troops or tower. The best time to use this spell card is when a bunch of troops is going to defend or push your tower. You can also utilize this card to weaken any type of building type cards. This will help your Giant and Hog Rider to go directly to a targeted tower.

Battle Strategy:

Drop your Barbarians behind your King Tower at the first minute of the game. Let them run into the two different lanes, confusing your enemy as to which to defend. Once your enemy chose what to counter, drop your Giant on the side wherein the opponent's tower is unsecured. Immediately drop your Minion Horde behind your Giant. The Goblins can also be used in this part to serve as your support. Then prepare your Fireball to quickly counter any counter troops ahead.

If you successfully wrecked the tower, quickly switch to the defense strategy. Prepare your elixir to counter any troops. If the first strategy did not work smoothly, prepare your Hog + Freeze attack for further pressure. These two strategies can be used interchangeably depending on the cards you are currently holding. Your Princess (or Arrows) can be used anytime to specifically counter the Minion Horde or Minions easily. It can also be used against any low HP troops incoming to devastate your tower.

In the last minute of the game, use your Freeze Spell to temporarily stop any counter to your Hog Rider so he can knock down a tower with ease. At the same time, drop your Giant and support it with any of your available troops to distract any troops and tower. Continue the strategy until you snatch a crown tower. Aim for a single or double crown win instead of three. Though this deck can possibly get those three crowns, it's best to get one to two as possible.


Deck Weakness:

The problem that this kind of deck might encounter is constant pressure from its enemy's. Especially, against a Hog + Freeze or spawner deck. Not having a building card will be a challenge especially in defending. Proper usage of elixir is needed in this kind of deck.

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Source: General Tony | Clash Of Clans & Clash Royale


The proper usage of elixir and performing good team-combo will make you boost your trophies in the higher Clash Royale Arenas. There might be times that you will be having losses, but gaining experience on those will make you a more effective player in the Clash Royale Universe.

Special thanks to General Tony for this deck!

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017



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