Joester100, a Reddit User, gives us his tips on using Arena 2 Cards effectively to reach Arena 4.


Many low-elixir Clash Royale cards come handy. They are easy to acquire and deploy. Also, they help you prevent at a lost for defense for enemy attacks.

In this deck, these cheap cards will be used as defense and as well as for support push.


Since this deck has cheap cards, defensive moves will get you through the battle as safely as you can. Your pushers can deal decent damages (Knight) and can handle high HP troops (Barbarians and Witch). It is quite a balanced deck and not too overwhelming to use.

Arena 2 Deck to reach Arena 4:

Barbarians Spear Goblins Witch Goblins
barbarians.png spear_goblins.png witch.png goblins.png
Skeletons Knight Arrows Bomb Tower
skeletons.png knight.png arrows.png bomb_tower.png

Card Roles:

Barbarians- The key card of the deck. These are used to start the pushes and can also be used defensively.

Spear goblins- Another key component for pushing and to destroy Balloons. They can also help kill Baby Dragons.

Witch- Used to assist the Barbs during offense.

Goblins- Mainly used for defense.

Skeletons- Used to lure troops and take out Wizards and Witches.

Arrows- Minion Hordes and Goblin Barrels are easily taken out.

Knight- Used as a tank for pushes or to help defend.

Bomb Tower- Used to eliminate spawner decks.

Battle Strategy:

At the start of the match, wait until you have 10 elixirs. Lead a push with Barbarians or Knight, and back them up with Spear Goblins or a Witch. If your enemy doesn't counter that successfully or even plays an attack on the other side, add more troops along with your push. You can add skeletons or goblins. Save your arrows for defensive and immediate needs.

Your cheap cards, which are the skeletons and goblins, will serve as your defense troops since they are cheap and can easily be deployed. Use the Bomb Tower to lure enemy troops or to prevent another crown lose.

At the last minute of the match, prioritize defense. You can deploy a pushing troop on a blind lane and defend on the lane which is being attacked. Do an alternate deploying of push and defense troops on both lanes.


This deck might have  some tough time against Wizard and Bomb Towers. since both are ranged and splash damage hitters. You can let your tower be a bait then swarm him with skeletons. Of course this will depend on the cards that you have so thread lightly.

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Special thanks to Joester from Reddit for sharing this deck!


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