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Best Cards and Worst Cards to Upgrade in Clash Royale

Want to know the most popular and worst cards in the game today? Here’s a list created for dedicated players out there!
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Note: The ranking in this article is purely based on the card usage list in Stats Royale.

As the game receives constant updates, we tried to look for the best and worst cards in the arena today. We believe that this ranking strongly reflects what players see in the ongoing meta. Are you ready?

Check it quick below!

Best Cards in the Game:

Skeleton Army Fireball Arrows
skeleton_army.png fireball.png arrows.png

  • Skeleton Army: Without a doubt, the Skeleton Army is one of the most used cards in the game today. They can fairly stop bulky units such as the Royal Giant, P.E.K.K.A and even the Elite Barbarians. They might be easy to kill, but there's a lot of workarounds to prolong their existence. If left ignored, wrecking towers are also their forte.
  • Fireball: The Fireball will always be in the deck of the majority of the players. Its devastating power is just too hot to handle. One of the best picks in taking down a horde of troops ready to wreck your tower(s).
  • Arrows: Due to today's trend, the Arrows are again considered as a handy spell card in any arenas. It can wipe out air and ground swarmers in a flick. Though it cannot kill bulky HP units, using this spell in your current arena is still recommended. Make sure to use it in a right time and position.

Zap Giant Musketeer
zap.png giant.png musketeer.png

  • Zap: Zap can be considered as the best spell ever. With only 2-elixir, it can do a lot of wonders against its target. Players can use it in almost all situations in the game. Who says this tiny spell can't do superb works? None! Right?
  • Musketeer: Her HP and damage are just fit for a good support and tower smasher. She can help your team in killing bulky troops, sniping pesky units in both air and ground and much more. Do not forget to place it behind your bulky troops or stiff towers for full protection.
  • Giant: This chunky troop will be in any kinds of meta in the game. When you say slow-push decks, the Giant will always be included. Teaming him up with the classic or new cards is easy. This makes him viable in almost all arenas. Hey, I think he is the only unit that all players used in the game. Have you thought about that?

Worst Cards in the Game (Base on Usage):

Mortar Tesla Guards
mortar.png tesla.png guards.png

  • Mortar: In an average player's game record, 1 out of 10-20 decks contains the Mortar. Aside from great supporting units, the Mortar might need a little revamp for it to be popular. A faster blast of cannon balls, maybe?
  • Tesla: The Tesla is still one of the most unused cards in the game today. Though it received a buff in the past, players cannot still see its worth. Aside from the Cannon, Clashers pick the Furnace and/or the Inferno Tower. Can we see another buff for this defensive building in the future?
  • Guards: In my honest opinion, the Guards are not worst, they are just underrated. Being an Epic Card maybe gave the players the difficulty to look for a good deck with them. Epic cards are hard to acquire, thus leveling them is really a big challenge, especially for F2Ps. That is why they are not usually seen in most of the decks. I hope Supercell can do something for this unit in the next updates.

Clone Bandit Dart Goblin
clone.png Bandit.png Dart_Goblin.png

  • Clone: Only a few uses this duplicator spell. Maybe because of its almost no good cost in the user's deck in the ladders. Right now, we are sensing that this spell will be a good choice during Clan Battles. Let's just leave it to that.
  • Bandit: Let's just wait for a couple of weeks and months for the Bandit to be viable in the next updates. Besides, it just debuted in the arena less than a month.
  • Dart Goblin: Low HP might be the biggest factor why this Masked Goblin is not climbing the ladders. It can be stopped and killed quick making it less useful in a lot of situations. Knowing that it has a 3-elixir cost, most of the users will pick the Goblin Gang. GG are common cards that can be upgraded quickly. A more valuable pick than the DG.


Being in the list does not mean all players enjoy/hate utilizing the said units/spells/buildings. This is just a rating where most of the current Clashers find these cards viable in their current arena.

Honestly, I am not surprised on the least used cards in the game today. Their stats might be real fine, but having a stable deck with them will need more time for players to create.

What’s your stand about this current list? Do you have any opinions on other units that might be included in this article? Share it with us in our comment section below!

Special thanks to Stats Royale for this ladder ranking! Information is based on as of March 29, 2017

Last modified: 30,03,2017

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