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Best Cards With The Heal Spell

Since the Heal Draft Challenge is going live in a couple of days, here are the best cards to partner with your Heal Spell! Aim for that 12 Wins!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on April 26, 2017.
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The Heal Draft Challenge is going to start in a few days. If you're lucky enough to have the Heal card in your deck, we'll help you choose what cards are the top units that goes well with it.

Heal Draft Challenge will start on April 28, 2017 and the Heal card will officially debut the game on May 2nd.

Best Cards With The Heal Spell:

Lava Hound / Lava Pups:


One of the best cards to pair with the Heal Spell is the Lava Hound. Simply because �it can maintain the Hound's Pups alive once released. A simple Zap Spell cannot eliminate swift Pups making them viable in strong pushes and clutch wins.

Aside from the Hound/Pups, the ever popular Lava with Balloon will boom in higher arenas. The Balloon will surely have its full support once the Heal Spell is available. Creepy!

Baby Dragon:


The Baby Dragon is also a good unit to pair with the Heal Spell. Its tanky-like feature will help you to chip in further damage against a target. If left ignored, it can take down buildings along with your other units.



In higher arenas, Witches cannot be killed in a single Fireball. Make this an opportunity to pressure your enemy once you make a counter push. Make sure to place your main tank in front of her before dropping the Heal Spell.

Inferno Dragon:


The Inferno Dragon is a really scary unit with the Heal Spell. With its Inferno Tower like ability, wrecking towers will be a piece of cake when the enemy plays confidently. Even a 1 HP Inferno Dragon can take down targets if you suddenly cast the Heal Spell to save it.

Goblin Barrel:


If you are into Bait Cycle Decks, then considering the Heal Spell will be a great thing in your nasty deck. The Goblin Barrel is almost unstoppable with the Heal. If the enemy does not have the Arrows or a higher level Zap, then they will be in deep trouble once you roll this mashup.

The Goblin Gang, Princess and much more will be happy to be included in your team if ever.

Hog Rider:


Admit it or not, Hog Riders are still one of the most used units in ladder rankings at any arenas. With the Heal Spell, those extra smashes that it can bring will devastate your enemy. The Hog Rider can also survive some defensive buildings if countered with it. Just make sure to cast the Heal Spell in a great sense of timing.

Other Cards Best With the Heal Spell:

Without further explanation, we will jot down some other more cards you can team up with the Heal.

Note: Some cards might not be available in the Heal Draft Challenge.

Elite Barbarians Minion Horde Balloon Goblin Gang
2016-11-22-05-23-17-elite_barbarians.png minion_horde.png balloon.png Goblin_Gang.png
Barbarians Musketeer Wizard Battle Ram
barbarians.png musketeer.png wizard.png Battle_Ram.png


Special thanks to Chief Pat and nickatnyte for the GIFs in this article.

Special thanks to Orange Juice Gaming for the GIFs in this article.


Lastly, there will be a bunch of other cards best with the Heal Spell. We are sensing a new meta once this game changing spell is officially out on May 2nd.

Honestly, it will be a really big challenge for a lot of players to reach 12 wins in the upcoming Heal Draft Challenge. Judging from the shared videos, the Lava Hound with Heal Spell will likely dominate the challenge. Add the Inferno Dragon's threat and any battle will be doomed. Well, it still depends on the player on how to use the cards they got in a certain battle. Wishing all the luck, Chief!

How about you? Do you have any specific troops that will be great with the Heal Spell? Leave it down in our comment section below!

Last modified: 26, 04, 2017

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