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Beginner Deck for Winning Quickly in Arena 1 and 2!
This is probably the best beginner deck strategy that you will read about Clash Royale.


The best Clash Royale Arena 1 Deck is surprisingly something very easy and useful to anyone trying out Clash Royale for the first time. Also, you can even use this deck even for Arena 2. Let's take a look at the Arena 1 deck now:

The cards used on this Clash Royale Beginner Deck are the usual cards you'll get after the Training Camp. It is composed of 4 commons, 3 rares, and 1 epic card with a 3.8 average elixir count. On this deck we'll teach you the tanker + push + support. It's the most basic and the best beginner strategy of the game. You should be interested to know that the Current Clash Royale Champion has a beginner deck similar to this. So laying out your basic foundations is the best way to become a skilled Clash Royale player.

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Beginner Deck:

Knight Bomber Archers Arrows
Knight Bomber Archers Arrows
Mini P.E.K.K.A Musketeer Prince Giant
Mini P.E.K.K.A Musketeer Prince Giant

Card Roles:

Archers: They are your anti-aerial troops unit. They can also be your support for your pushing.

Arrows: Having huge AoE (Area of Effect) damage, this spell is best used against Skeleton Armies and other low HP troops.

Bomber: With his ability to throw bombs, this troop can also counter Skeleton Armies on Arena 1 and 2. He can also dispose of low HP troops. 

Giant: He will be your tanker. Due to his massive HP, he will always be your shield against the enemy's counter troops while you do some pushing! It can be replaced by a Baby Dragon for a flying tanker with a good AoE damage. But of course, it's difficult to obtain a Baby Dragon.

Knight: Your third pushing unit, he has a moderate amount of HP and can also deal some damage to any troop in front of him. He can also provide support in destroying towers. Can be replaced by the Fireball Spell to end any critical HP towers.

Mini P.E.K.K.A.: Second pushing unit. This mini robot can destroy a tower in a matter of seconds! Just make sure you have a tanker in front of him because his HP is too low. Can be replaced by the Skeleton Army to bring down any tanker.

Musketeer: Her firepower and range can do great in supporting your troops in pushing. She can also bring down the Baby Dragon.

Prince: The main pushing unit. This troop can destroy buildings and other troops if left alone. He is also easily distracted so make sure you always have support to get rid of any bumps along his way.

Battle Strategy:

Welcome to the Clash Royale Arena! The first strategy here is to wait until your elixir is at max! Don't mind if your opponent's already dropping his troops, he'll regret it later. Now once you already maxed yours, drop your Giant at the back of one of your Crown Tower and wait until he reached the bridge, once he did, pull out your Prince / Mini P.E.K.K.A. or a Knight to do some pushing, Support them with the Archers. Watch until you get your first crown. Yes, your opponent can not do anything because he already exhausted his elixir.

Remember, having elixir advantage can definitely turn the game around. During mid-game, continue with the same pushing until you reach the King Tower. Alternatively, you can also choose to destroy his second Crown Tower. Watch your elixir and troops. You don't want to be empty and not defend your base if your opponent chose to do some pushing of his own.

At the 60 second mark, this is when you'll get 2x Elixir. Your elixir will refill faster here so maximize it! Always drop your tanker first and then your pushing troop and support at the back. Since this is 2x elixir you can drop 2 pushing units like a Prince and a Mini P.E.K.K.A or a Prince and a Knight. Make sure to put support at the back of your pushing troops and leave some to defend your side of the arena. You'll end the game quickly and earn your first win of the game! Congratulations!



Some of the beginners can unlock a Baby Dragon right away, since Arena 1 and 2 usually have ground troops for offense and defense, having an additional ranged unit on the deck can be helpful.

On this deck since we have three pushing units - Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A. and the Knight, feel free to exchange the knight with Spear Goblins to be an additional support in bringing down the flying tanker.

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I personally used this deck to reach Arena 3. And it is working, I defeated a level 7 opponent while I was level 3 with this deck. With not enough troops to bring down aerial units, this is really something to try out!

Clash Royale Arena 2 Deck Strategies to Reach Arena 3 Quickly!


Arena 2 or Bone Pit is easily one of the relaxing arenas in Clash Royale. If you are having a hard time picking the best cards to build a good deck. Check out suggested decks here to help you move up in Arena 3.

Karlsanada13 compiled the best Arena 2 decks to help you survive and reach Arena 3!

Beginner or not, Clash Royale relies solely on strategy! On this deck we taught you how to do the most basic strategy of the game, the tanker + push + support. Once you already know how it works and already got used to the game, you can play with your strategies by using split pushes and all aerial troops. You can check it out here on RockU Mediacraft!

Do you have Clash Royale decks you want us to feature? Feel free to use our SUBMIT A DECK feature on the site. If it is looking good, we will feature it on the site just like these USER SUBMITTED DECKS.

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Last modified: 14, 09, 2017

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