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A Battle Ram deck with Graveyard and full of splash damage units!


Battle Ram is an amazing offensive card that can do a decent amount of damage to the tower if it manages to reach it. It can also act as a tank so the Graveyard can do a surprise ambush to the tower.

Chief Pat tried this deck on a grand challenge and he demonstrated how to use this efficiently.

  • This deck is also to become part of our list of the Jungle Arena.


This deck is amazing for counterpushes as it has a lot of meta defensive units, such as Electro Wizard, Bowler, and Executioner. Once you manage to defeat the opposing push, you can easily create an unstoppable push with Graveyard and Battle Ram. You can even do dual push for both sides to pressure both towers.

Battle Ram Graveyard Deck:

Battle Ram Graveyard Executioner Freeze
Battle_Ram.png graveyard-card.png executioner.png freeze.png
Bowler Tornado Elixir Collector Electro Wizard
Bowler.png tornado.png elixir_collector.png ElectroWizardCard.png

Card Roles:

  • Battle Ram: This card needs to be defended well. It is a must for the Battle Ram to reach the tower so dropping it does not feel wasted.
  • Graveyard: This card is great for surprise attack as they can easily destroy a tower if your opponent does not counter it immediately.
  • Executioner: Always deploy this unit when your opponent is doing a push mixed with ground and air units. It is a good supporting unit for Battle Ram when you start a counter push.
  • Freeze: This is one of the best support for Graveyard as it can freeze everything for quite a while. The time is enough for the skeletons to deal heavy damage to the tower.
  • Bowler: Another great defensive unit and a good support for the Battle Ram. He is ideal to use when your opponent is pushing with ground units only.
  • Tornado: This card creates an amazing combo for the Executioner as it cramps everything in the middle. The Executioner can deal heavy damage and even stop a huge push.
  • Elixir Collector: This is an essential card for this deck. Always deploy it when you have a chance and before the 60-second mark starts.
  • Electro Wizard: Another good support and defensive unit, especially when you are up against a Royal Giant or Elite Barbarians.

Clash Royale Strategy:

If you have an Elixir Collector on your hand, deploy it once you reach at least 8 elixirs. This deck shines defensively, but if the match is a stalemate, you can deploy your Bowler, Executioner, or Electro Wizard at the back of your King's Tower. Do not overcommit your push, but you can use either Graveyard or Battle Ram once the supporting unit is near the bridge. As long as you do not exhaust your elixirs, you would be fine defending your other lane if your opponent tries to push it with a Hog Rider. Anyway, if you use Graveyard and you have enough elixirs, you can use Freeze spell to maximize the Graveyard's potential. On the other hand, if you use Battle Ram, use Tornado to pull away counter units from them.

Defensively, Bowler and Executioner are the best as they can damage multiple units at once. Electro Wizard can slow down the push. Once you successfully stop the opposing push, you can create a counter push with all of the supporting units deployed. It creates an unstoppable push especially if you have an Elixir Collector or two of them deployed.

Once the 60-second mark starts, you can start being aggressive with your Graveyard + Freeze combo. Although, you should continue defending your own lane with the defensive cards, as well, then counter push with the Battle Ram.


This deck has an average of 4.5 Elixir Cost, which is quite high, to be honest. The deck does not really have a guaranteed tank and damage dealer besides Graveyard and Battle Ram. These two are not really ideal for these kinds of situations. However, this deck heavily relies on the defensive cards, which makes it easier to make a decision regarding what card to deploy. You also have to be quite aggressive on your counter push to make the most out of it since this is where this deck shines.


I would like to thank Chief Pat for featuring this deck!

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This deck is quite strange since it does not really have a tank like Giant or Royal Giant. However, this is fun to play and it actually surprises a lot of players, who are obviously expecting to be up against meta decks. This deck definitely has the element of surprise, especially with the Graveyard and Battle Ram.

What do you think? Do you have any suggestion for a deck? Let us know!

Article written by KarlSanada

Last modified: 31, 03, 2017

Originally Published: 07, 03, 2017


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