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Clash Royale Battle Ram

The Battle Ram charges to the buildings and deals double damage on first impact. When it breaks, the 2 Barbarians carrying it will take the lead.
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Rarity Rare
Tourney Stats HP (756), Damage (246), Charge Damage (492) / Barbs HP (636), Damage (159), DPS (106)
Technical Details Target (Buildings), Range (Melee), Hit Speed (0.4 Sec), Speed (Med) / Barbs Spawn Count (2), Target (Ground), Hit Speed (1.5 sec)
Other Details Two Barbarians holding a log charge at the nearest building, dealing significant damage if they connect; then they go to town with their swords!

Battle Ram Overview:

The Battle Ram is a Rare card with an unstoppable force to ram towards a building or tower. The two Barbarians holding the Battle Ram will charge like a Prince dealing massive damage and then attack any nearby units.

Min and Max Stats:

Battle Ram
Card Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
HP 430 473 520 571 627 688 756 829 911 1001 1100
Damage 140 154 169 186 204 224 246 270 296 326 358
Charge Damage 280 308 338 372 448 448 492 540 593 652 716
Barbarians (After Breaking)
Card Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Hit Points 363 399 438 480 528 579 636 699 768 843 927
Damage 90 99 109 120 132 144 159 174 192 210 231
DPS 60 66 72 80 88 96 106 116 128 140 154

Balance Updates:

  • On the August 11, 2017 Balance Update, the Battle starts charging a bit longer than before. Spawn Speed of the Barbarians has decreased as well.
  • The Battle Ram was released on February 10, 2017.

Battle Ram in Action:


The Battle Ram can be situational or a win condition but it can also be great for beatdown decks. Use it against the Inferno Tower and it will be too busy plucking those pair of or Barbs.

Executioner on Defense:


It will initially charge towards a building or a tower and ignore any troops blocking it. Once it collides with a building, the Barbarians will get rid of any counters for your units behind it. A great way to clear and make an offensive push!

Gifs are from Orange Juice and Nick! Thanks!

How to counter the Battle Ram:

The Battle Ram is best paired with ff. cards:

These are the cards that work best with the Battle Ram.

Poison Spell Miner Goblin Balloon
poison.png miner.png goblins.png balloon.png

The Battle Ram is best AGAINST the ff. cards:

These are the cards that the Battle Ram can stop.

Inferno Tower Bomb Tower X-Bow Furnace (depends on the situation)
inferno_tower.png bomb_tower.png x-bow.png furnace.png

The Battle Ram is Weak against the ff. cards:

The Battle Ram can be stopped by the following cards:

Goblin Minion Horde Skeleton Army Lightning
goblins.png minion_horde.png skeleton_army.png lightning.png

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It will be nice for the Battle Ram to use against Huts and Buildings. It will also distract the Inferno Tower and the like. Support the Battle Ram with Poison or other cards that will enable it to reach the tower with the charge damage.

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