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Clash Royale Bats

A Cheap 2 Elixir Card that spawns 5 'Bats'! An aerial unit that can be a great addition to any decks. A Common Card unlockable in Arena 8 - Frozen Peak.
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Type Common
Stats at Level 1 HP (32), Damage (32), DPS (32)
Technical Details Targets (Air & Ground), Speed (Very Fast), Range (Melee), Count (5)
Other Details Four (?) tiny flying creatures with big ears. Having big ears doesn't mean they'll listen when asked to stop attacking you.

Bats Overview:

Originally Published: 14,12,2016


Bats are available in Arena 8 - Frozen Peak. Their stats are the same as the Skeletons. They are very fast aerial units with low HP. They only cost 2 Elixirs, which is great for Zap bait decks. Once all five Bats are in contact, they can have a total of 335 DPS.

If compared to the Minions, they can do more damage. As the Minions have 252 total DPS. But, they are more fragile.

What Reddit thinks of the Bats:

I have been really hoping for a very cheap flying unit(s) for a while. This card is going to kill in cycle decks with cards like the ice golem or hog rider in front. They will be so versatile at two elixirs and being un-logable. They are zap-able but I think most people will be running arrows for a -1 elixir trade (also big plus in cycle decks). They will defend against Valkyries, elite barbs, any threatening ground unit and be able to do a counter attack at one less elixir than minions, and BETTER than minions, while still requiring the opponent to use a spell on them.

I doubt it. On defense, Minions are far more consistent and more versatile because they can't be spelled down cheaply (besides arrows, but nobody runs them anyway). On offense, I think their main value will come from being able to distract inferno towers. I don't think they'll be that good honestly.

Yea this card is pretty cool tbh. Lots of positive elixir trade can be done, much like skeletons

Exactly, with the added benefit of doing more DPS because they don't get slowly taken out. I can see using them to kill hog then put your own hog out with bats behind it. That would be impossible to counter for a positive elixir trade. Fireball won't kill hog and zap won't do anything to hog. Can't be logged, arrows won't do enough damage, they'll take out skarmy, they'll kill an inferno tower or tombstone or cannon, etc.

It's basically like classic Hog/goblins but doesn't really have a simple answer like the log.

More Insights:

Bats Deck Strategies:

How to counter the Bats:


As a 2 elixir card that has the ability to summon 5 Bats, this card is going to be widely used for Zap bait decks or any decks in general. They are cheap and can easily fit any deck in the arena. As Skeleton Army is popular, it is possible to have a deck with Bats, Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel, and Miner.

If you noticed a minor blooper that says the Bats count is x5 and the description says four.

What decks do you have in mind? Tell us what you think!

Last modified: 15,03,2017
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