This deck has lots of common troops. Sometimes the level of these troops spells the difference between victory and defeat.


Players tend to immediately use the new cards that they get as they open chests. They will prefer to prioritize those to upgrade because you can't deny what cards like the Hog Rider and the Giant Skeleton can do for you. But rather than focusing on those new cards, why not try and upgrade the ones you have always been using from the start. This featured deck encourages players to start looking at basic troop cards in a different perspective.


Sources guarantee us that this deck has a 100% win rate when played right. To be able to use this deck properly and still win on Arena 3 and up, each troop card should be at least on level 5. 

The advantage of this deck is that each troop card included in it can be easily obtained since most of it is just common (specifically 4 common, 2 rare and 1 epic), and when you reach Arena 3, it is assumed that these cards are already at level 5 or higher. 

And since this is also in reactive game-play, you are guaranteed with an elixir advantage when you play it right.

The Basic but High-level Troop Deck:

Giant Baby Dragon Tombstone Knight
Giant Baby Dragon Tombstone Knight
Spear Goblins Arrows Bomber Goblins
Spear Goblins Arrows Bomber Goblins

Card Roles:

  • Giant - Main Tanker, can be used to distract enemy troops and aim for crown towers
  • Baby Dragon - To counter Witch, Balloons, Baby Dragon, Barbarians, other spawns
  • Tombstone - To counter Prince, Hog Rider, Giant, Giant Skeleton
  • Knight - To counter Witch, Prince, Hog Rider, Giant Skeleton, Giant, Valkyrie, Musketeer, XBow, Mini PEKKA
  • Spear Goblins - To counter Prince, Hog Rider, Balloons, Giant Skeleton, Giant, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Barbarians
  • Arrows - Use for spawns like Minion Horde, Goblins, Goblin Barrel, Skeletons, Skeleton Army
  • Bomber - Back-up for Knight, Giant. also to counter multiple-unit troop cards
  • Goblins - To counter XBow, Giant, Giant Skeleton, Prince, Hog

Battle Strategy:

The strategy of this deck is also like the Tempo Skeleton Deck. Your attacks will always be in response to your opponent's move.

Do as your opponent does, so when he waited for 10 elixirs, you should wait for yours too. If he drops down a troop, wait until it gets on the bridge then drop down a card that will counter it. Like when he drops down a Giant, wait for it to get near the bridge then drop down your Goblins.

Keep efficiently countering his moves, then when you think you gained elixir advantage try to make a low-key move by dropping down a Giant on the side where it's not busy.

When the Double Elixir Time hits, try full blast counter whatever he'll be dropping down but of course still be careful so you keep elixir advantage and have emergency card drops when you think it's getting out of hand.

And always remember to treat your towers like a troop since they also attack, Don't be scared that it gets hit few times.


Being unaware of the battlefield is a great weakness of this deck, since you should always be observing your opponent's moves and you should always be in control. Always remember to leave no blind spots; Since you have basic troops, a single blind spot may tear your towers down. Though it is encouraged to use your towers as troops, let it get hit a few times and let it attack for itself, ignoring its HP is a big mistake because you'll never know when will be your last hit.

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Here we explain to you how a reactive gameplay can beat top decks using something that fools them into thinking that you are an unskilled in Clash Royale.

Somehow similar to this Deck Strategy is the Tempo Skeleton Deck Strategy, where you use basic cards to make your opponent think you're easy to beat, then gain elixir advantage by choosing the most efficient card to counter your opponent's.


Wondering what cards are worth your golds and those that should go last in upgrade priority? We are here to help you with that.

Since the strategy for this article is to upgrade your basic and old troop cards so that you can optimize their use, here are a list of the cards we recommend that you give priority to upgrade.

In Closing:

Cards that you think will not matter when you're in higher Arenas, will surprise you when you give them attention and priority to upgrade. You can also trick your opponent into thinking you are easy to beat then get him to make mistakes that you should take advantage of. Also your towers are also troops, they obviously can attack and they have high HP, so don't let a few hits get to you and your strategy.


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