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Looking for a deck with Barbarians leading the charge?


Many Clash Royale players use the Barbarians for defense including me. Well, spell cards like Zap, Arrows and Fireball wouldn't bring them down with one hit, making them a reliable card to take down Hog Riders and Royal Giants. For a change, this Clash Royale deck uses Barbarians mainly for offense. With the help of aerial units, this deck actually works! I'll admit though, this deck utilizes a couple of legendary cards which are hard to get. In that case, I'll be providing some alternatives.


Barbarians are really dangerous once they get to the crown tower. They can actually destroy it if left undefended. This Clash Royal deck also has plenty of aerial troops which you can take advantage since majority of the player's deck are ground units.

Giant Mega Minion Beatdown Deck:

Lava Hound Minion Horde Minions Princess
lava_hound.png minion_horde.png minions.png princess.png
Elixir Collector Miner Barbarians Zap
elixir_collector.png miner.png barbarians.png zap.png

Princess: Use this mainly for defense. She's capable of shooting down incoming troops at an extremely long distance. She's also a safe card to deploy if you're forced to make the first move. She out-ranges the crown tower which in turn force your opponent to deploy a card as well. You can substitute this with Archers. However, you will not have the benefit of having an extremely long-ranged unit. Still, they can be effective distractions during defense and can deal huge damage when used for offense.

Card Roles:

  • Lava Hound: This will be your main tank for this deck. A good alternative for this card is the Giant. For a cheaper elixir cost, it can perform the job of being the tank pretty well. The only drawback is that you won't have the Lava Pups which are great distractions and can deal huge damage once the Lava Hound dies.
  • Minion Horde: A good counter for any high HP units. It will tear down any units on its path and actually has the potential to destroy enemy's crown tower if left undefended.
  • Minions: Having both Minion Horde and this card can benefit you greatly. You can use this to lure your opponent into casting Arrows making your Minion Horde really dangerous or vice versa. They are also pretty good on defense. They deal huge damage if left unattended.
  • Elixir Collector: This can give you an advantage on elixirs. You can also use this card to force your opponent to make the first move.
  • Miner: You can replace this card with Valkyrie. However, it won't be as effective as the Miner. You can deploy this card straight to your opponent's crown tower, making it an effective tank. You can also use this card to deal some huge damage to your opponent's Elixir Collector.
  • Barbarians: Use this card mainly for offense, They can act as tank for your Minions and they can deal really huge damage if not defended well. If the situation is dire, you can definitely use this for defense as well.
  • Zap: Use this to take out low HP units.

Clash Royale Strategy:

If you do not have any of the legendary cards in this deck, you can deploy your alternate cards the same way it was described on the strategy except for the Miner. Once your elixir is maxed out, deploy the Elixir Collector if available. You always want to start the match this way. If it's not available, you can either deploy your Princess or Minions at the very rear to cycle your deck. Alternatively, you can deploy your Miner directly on your opponent's crown tower or Elixir Collector, followed by Minions or Princess near the river on the side that you are attacking. If you do not have the Miner, place the Valkyrie as far as you can at the back then follow it up with Minions/Princess once it crosses the river.

If you have the Lava Hound or Giant available, deploy them as far as you can at the back. Once it crosses the river, deploy your Princess or Archers behind it. Deploy your Barbarians on the other side. If your opponent doesn't have a Fireball then do this tactic more often. If they do, then you want to force your opponent to use it before you deploy your Barbarians. You can do this by deploying your Miner often followed by Princess/Archers or Minions. Lava Hound/Giant followed by Princess/Archer or Minion Horde can be an alternate pattern of attack as well. Same tactics will be used even if you do not have any legendary cards. The key here is to have your high HP units tank the damage before you deploy your support cards.

During defense, you have plenty of options. You can use Minions or Princess to kill incoming troops. Minion Horde and Barbarians will be very effective against high HP units. During defense is usually the best time to force your opponent cast their spell cards. Deploying either Barbarians or Minions Hordes (just pick one) usually is enough to negate your opponent's push.

Once they used their spell cards, quickly deploy your Barbarians or Minions Hordes for a successful counter attack. Your counter attack can actually vary depending on your available cards, Refer to the attack patterns above so you'll have an idea on what will work. The technique for an effective counter push is placing a tank unit in front of your surviving units before they cross the river. This means that you will need to have at least Barbarians or Miner to initiate your counter push.

During the double elixir mark, you can now attack and defend simultaneously. The tactics will be the same but up the tempo by deploying your Lava Hound or Giant more often. It's during this time that you'll have enough elixir to back them up effectively and still have enough elixir to defend before they cross the river.


Zap will usually be on your opponent's deck especially on higher arenas. Watch out for decks that have Fireball in addition to Zap since it will pretty much negate your attack with Barbarians or Minion Horde. It's better to attack using your Lava Hound or Giant combo. Save your Barbarians and Minion Horde for a counter push opportunity.


It looks like Godson is back from his short break and is pushing the ranks in Clash Royale Arena 9 using this deck.

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Barbarians are mainly used as a defensive card. They have a fairly large HP and damage which make them effective for the role. With the right card combination, they can be used effectively for offense as well. Utilizing them for offense is not only a threat but can also be used as an instrument to pressure your opponent.

Article written by Angelo

Last modified: 6,01,2017


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  • This is an old deck! But should work with the August 2017 Meta. More meta decks by clicking the navbox above! -- 02:43, 16 August 2017 (UTC)
  • "Say a gangsta is dissing your fly girl, you give them on of these" -- 01:19, 16 August 2017 (UTC)
  • This deck is awezome -- 01:19, 16 August 2017 (UTC)
  • I changed pekka for lava hound and made it to arena 10!!! Took me a lot of matches though -- 06:00, 21 March 2017 (UTC)