For some Clash Royale Players, strength in numbers is definitely the name of the game. Using a Barbarian deck can help you achieve that.


Forcing you way in with huge amount of troops has the greatest probability of gaining the upper hand and winning the battle. Well, that’s what you’re going to get with the Barbarians on your Clash Royale deck.

The Barbarians are hordes of swordsmen with well-contoured mustaches that can rally your troops for a great big push. These guys are very effective when it comes to tanking and dealing great damage.

The Barbarians are also considered as one of the best when it comes in taking down an enemy tower. What more you can get if you add another horder with these brutes? A total beatdown!


Barbarians can also add great value on almost every Clash Royale deck build. For only 5 elixirs, you will be able to get 4 strong brutes with 500 plus hitpoints and 80 plus damage per second. What more if they gained a few levels...

Barbarians can easily deal with large numbers and with dangerous troops as well, making them the formidable centerpiece of this build.

The Barbarians Deck:

Goblins Spear Goblins Bomber Barbarians
goblins.png spear_goblins.png bomber.png barbarians.png
Giant Skeleton Barbarian Hut Goblin Hut Arrows
giant_skeleton.png barbarian_hut.png goblin_hut.png arrows.png

Card Roles:

Barbarians – As the centerpiece of this build, the Barbarians can tank alongside the Giant Skeleton. This can give way for other troops to surge and push on their lanes.

Barbarian and Goblin Hut – These buildings can be used to overwhelm your opponents.

Goblins and Spear Goblins – These hordes can be a good backup for higher hitpoint-troops like the Barbarians. They are also capable of taking down air units such as the balloons.

Giant Skeleton – This guy will serve as the Tank commander of the squad. He is so effective in absorbing every outbreak, which can pave a way for his teammates to focus on attacking. Though the Giant Skeleton costs an astonishing 6 Elixir, his invaluable contribution is gigantic enough to help this army on winning the battle.

Bomber – Though he is not as formidable as the Giant Skeleton, his area damage is enough to wipe out swarm troops.

Arrows - This spell card can defeat weaker opponent troops immediately.

Deck Strengths:

Strength in numbers is the main objective of this build. Even though you have cards that will absolutely eat out all of your resources, there are also cost-efficient cards that will balance it.

Players who will use this deck build will be able to maximize and utilize a continuous spawn of troops that will definitely overwhelm their opponents.

Barbarians Deck Strategy:

Strength and safety in numbers is the biggest weapon of this build. The combination of tanking, continuous spawn and brute force is the key to success. As a player using this build, you want to overwhelm your opponent as much as possible, by the constant spawn streaking to the side of his field.

At the beginning of the match, make sure to wait until your Elixir Bar is full and ready. Wait until your opponent drop his best card, which will result to an Elixir shortage. You can counter back and drop some cheap troop like the Goblins and Spear Goblins. It will also buy you sometime to replenish your Elixir and prepare for a fight back.

Once the Elixir bar is fully recovered, immediately drop The Giant Skeleton that will stand beside the Barbarians as the tanking commander, the bomb that the Giant Skeleton will drop will be a huge thing that will brought a huge amounts of damage on the opposing units. Imagine of having this strength, numbers and extra push of your big army. A total beat down right?

If you are rival is planning to make a comeback by attacking the other side of the lane, simply drop the Goblin Hut to continuously counter every attack. The Goblin Hut will also buy you some time to recharge your Elixir. Once you are full and ready, drop the Giant Skeleton behind your tower, followed by the Barbarians.  Before they reach the bridge, drop the Spear Goblins for a fire power support.

Keep repeating the process, until your units break through your opponents Crown Towers.   Don’t worry about the defense, as the Goblin and Barbarian Hut are there to stand as the defensive trump card on your field. You don’t have to wait on the 60 secs mark of the match, as long as you have a great cycle of Elixir and you are out witting your enemy, then everything is going to be alright.

Deck Weakness:

This deck may have a hard time defending against aerial troops. This deck is vulnerable to the following card troops. It is recommended to push slowly if you encounter them.


Related Barbarian Deck Strategies:

Huts Deck Strategy


Huts are great on mostly everything. They provide troops to defend, attack, and everything. Check out this deck that utilize the two huts, Goblin and Barbarian huts!

In this post, you can learn how to properly utilize huts to overwhelm your opponents.

Clash Royale Prince + Barbarian Strategy For Arena 3 & Above


Chief! We compiled some of the most handy deck using Barbarians and Prince! Let’s check ‘em all out!

In this article, the focus is on using the Prince and Barbarians in combination. I myself has proved that this combination can be a force to reckon with.

While the Barbarians are slow, you can always experiment to include fast cards to go with them. The best example is the Prince.

The Prince’s special ability to run and gain a momentum can be a big thing on surging and rallying other low-hitpoint cards.

Ultimately, using a Barbarian deck in Arena 3 is somewhat a tribute to the Arena's name, which is the Barbarian Bowl. Perhaps one key problem is that - many in Arena 3 are using them too. Try to make your Barbarians one or two levels higher. This can become a differentiating factor for you to win.

Special thanks to for putting up this deck build idea.


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