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Clash Royale Bandit

A Legendary Card that can dash, become invincible and deal twice the damage. Learn more about the Bandit Here!
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Type Legendary
Stats at Level 1 HP (750), DPS (160), Damage (160)
Technical Details Targets(Ground), Speed (Fast), Hit Speed(1sec), Range(Melee)
Other Details The Bandit dashes to her target and delivers an extra big hit! While dashing, she can't be touched. The mask keeps her identity safe... and gives her bonus cool points!

Bandit Overview:

Originally Published: 13,03,2016

The Bandit is available in the Arena 9 - Jungle Arena. She will first appear in the Arena via the Bandit Draft Challenge starting on March 17, 2017. Her release date is on March 24, 2017.

At level 1, her damage is comparable to a level 9 Knight with half HP. Just like how the Prince and the Battle Ram charge to any enemy or tower, the Bandit can dash. This time, she is invincible during a dash and can not be countered. She has that quick animation before going on a dash. Probably, it can be countered with a Zap. Her damage after a dash is doubled.

Bandit on Offense:


The Bandit has to be 4-6 tiles away from the unit foe before she activates her dash. Her dash works like a Prince's charge. The damage is doubled and she will be vulnerable while dashing

You can compare her attack speed to either the Skeletons or Minions.

Gif image is from Orange Juice. You can check out the whole video HERE.

What Reddit thinks of the Bandit:

heal spell+bandit...seems immortal

When the bandit dashes, she seems to be immune to knockback and attacks, I think Supercell is gonna nerf that crap after we spend 100$ trying to get her.

The Bandit I think will get some sort of update after the pre-launch at challenges.

From the gameplay by those YouTubers, The Bandit appears to have quite some flaws there. 1) She automatically changes target if other unit are deployed within her range. 2) While charging, if other units are deployed right in front of her, she stops the charge and directly switches to normal attack mode.

More Insights:

Bandit Deck Strategies:

How to counter the Bandit:


The Bandit's ability to dash and go invincible is OP. Since her attack after doing a dash is doubled, we are wondering if she can be Zapped, meaning, if the charge can be reset. If she is, then the Bandit will be a great addition to Zap Bait decks or cycle cards.

We will update the Bandit profile once we have additional information.

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Last modified: 15,03,2017

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