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Looking for an alternative way of using your Freeze Spell? How about trying an air troop as your main card?


In this deck, you can utilize the cards by making a proper combo for each of them. Balloon + Barbarians, Wizard + Baby Dragon or if lucky, you can make a team out of them. Have you imagine now what they can do? Well, here is a good-to-try deck if you are struggling in bagging trophies starting at Arena 5.

Deck Strength:

This deck is powerful in terms of ground and air attacks. There is a proper blending of the cards, making them useful to each other. Even the elixir cost is tolerable, giving the user a chance to defend if being smashed, or attack if there is an opportunity. The splash damage of this deck is high, giving the Balloon the support it needs while on offense.

Balloon + Freeze Deck Arena 5 & Above

Balloon Freeze Archers Minion Horde
balloon.png freeze.png archers.png minion_horde.png
Barbarians Wizard Baby Dragon Arrows
barbarians.png wizard.png baby_dragon.png arrows.png

Card Roles:

  • Archers: Can defend your towers fairly. You can also pair them with your Baby Dragon in the long run. Archers can take out any low HP troops if dropped wisely.
  • Minion Horde: Counters any troop that can be a threat in destroying your towers. This squad can simply knock down any beefy tank or any building card on sight. Their damage is pretty impressive and can be paired with any cards in this deck. However, due to its low HP, always be aware with the Wizard, Arrows, or Fireball. They can diminish the Minion Horde in one hit.
  • Barbarians: Your main ground defense. The Barbarians are very versatile . They can kill long range attackers if dropped in a strategic location. Their damage and HP are good enough and if ignored, they can severely damage a crown tower. The Barbarians can also help your Balloon to reach a tower and can kill a Prince or Dark Prince instantly.
  • Wizard: Splash damage for both air and ground. Its damage is one of a kind especially to those incoming swarm and low HP troops. He can even knock down a horde of Barbarians. Always pair him with a tower or any troops that can soak up damage for it.
  • Baby Dragon: Will help your Balloon to reach the tower by killing any troops on its range. The Baby Dragon can also make its own combo if paired with the Wizard or Barbarians. If you are planning a dual push strategy, pair your Balloon to those Barbarians, while Baby Dragon to your Wizard. But be careful. There are times you need these splash damagers to support your Balloon + Barb combo.
  • Arrows: Deal with the incoming troops or can be perfectly used in diminishing those counter troops trying to stop your Balloon to reach a specific tower.
  • Balloon: The main star of your deck. Best paired with Freeze Spell! Armed with a fair HP, it can destroy a tower in just a few moments!
  • Freeze Spell: The spell that can leave your opponent’s face and base, surprised. You can also use this if being wrecked. Timing is essential, Chief!

Clash Royale Strategy:

In the first phase of the game, wait for your elixir to max out. Drop your Archers and wait until your opponent answers your action. If a low cost troop has been dropped by them, (e.g Spear Goblins, Goblins), try to ignore it if in the opposite lane and make a Baby Dragon + Archers combo. With this move, you can pressure your enemy and make him feel the urge to defend the lane where you dropped your Baby Dragon.

If they catch the bait, try to make a counter to any incoming troops to your base by dropping your Barbarians. Once you defended successfully, there will be enough elixir that you can use to drop your Balloon but make sure that there is a set of troops ahead of it to absorb all the damage as possible made by your opponent. Prepare your Freeze Spell to stop any troops ahead. There are also some situations that you need to drop your Minion Horde instead of Barbarians. If this happens, try to delay for a bit your Balloons + Barbarians combo to defend your tower successfully.

In the middle part of the game, there is a huge possibility that you have already wrecked a tower giving you an advantage in the game. If not yet, keep on pressuring any chosen lane by making combos from your available cards. If a building card is present on the opposite side, utilize your Minion Horde to eliminate them. If being swarmed, you can use any of your available cards aside from the Balloon. The Baby Dragon and the Wizard can deal with these situations perfectly. You can also use Arrows if needed.

Once the game reaches its last minute, you can decide if you want to defend or make another push. If you feel like you are dominating the enemy, then make a push but if the feeling is the opposite, then that would be the time to just stay in the defense position to assure victory.

Deck Weakness:

The only weakness that we see in this deck is when the opponent brought too much building cards. Your Ballloon and any other troops will be easily distracted, giving your enemy ample time to counter your every card you have got especially the Balloon. A well place building cards can ruin your strategy so dealing with them must be prioritized first. If you are really having a hard time dealing with this, we recommend to either play calmly and make the battle a draw game, if possible.


With the proper analyzation of your opponent’s deck, you can utilize these cards to its full extent! Always think before you drop to avoid elixir lose. 

Special thanks to Ash for this handy deck!

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Article Written by: Forrest

Last modified: 6,01,2017


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