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Another Miner and Hog Rider combo. This time, it is more balanced and faster to cycle.


Miner is a very versatile legendary card. He can be added to any deck, although, Hog Rider and Miner seem to be the best combo in the current meta. This Clash Royale deck is created to be balanced and easily cycled to create push and defense with ease.

Ash, a very popular Clash Royale player, shared this deck so players ,who recently unlocked Miner from a chest, are able to maximize the use of their recent legendary card.



This deck is a fairly balanced Clash Royale Strategy; It can both do good offense and defense. The huge advantage of this deck against others is its low elixir average. It only averages 3.3 elixirs. It is pretty low for a deck that can be utilized for offense withboth the Miner and Hog Rider.

Balanced Miner Deck:

Miner Archers Zap Baby Dragon
miner.png archers.png zap.png baby_dragon.png
Hog Rider Inferno Tower Goblins Minions
hog_rider.png inferno_tower.png goblins.png minions.png

Card Roles:

  • Miner: This will be your main card. It is used for distracting the opponent's crown tower while you are doing a push. He costs 3 elixirs and has a high health. He can damage the tower pretty good too if he is not dealt with immediately.
  • Archers: They can be used for both offense and defense. They are pretty much like Spear Goblins but more powerful.
  • Zap: It is a powerful spell since it can kill most low HP units and stun those which it cannot be killed. You can use it with Hog Rider and Miner combo.
  • Baby Dragon: If you manage to get this unit to level 2 at least, it is a great support unit for your pushes, especially with Hog Rider. You can use it for defending a lane too with your goblins.
  • Hog Rider: This will be you another attacker for the tower. Use him once the crown tower is focused on the Miner. He can deal great damage to the tower. Defend this unit with the Baby Dragon or complement it with Archers.
  • Inferno Tower: This will be your defensive building. It can be replaced with any defensive building. However, you will most likely encounter tank decks in Arena 6 and above, so Inferno Tower will be the defensive building against those decks.
  • Goblins: They are great defender for tanks such as Giant and Royal Giant. They can be used to sneak attack the tower with the Hog Rider.
  • Minions: You can change it to Minion Horde. However, this costs 3 elixirs only. It is easier to cycle the deck with this.

Battle Strategy:

At the start, wait until your elixir reaches max. If you already have a Miner in your hand, you can deploy it towards his tower and create a push with Goblins and Zap. The Crown Tower will be busy attacking your Miner while the Goblins sneak to the tower. It will be either countered by a Cannon or Bomb Tower. You can use Zap Spell to stun the Cannon so the Goblins can hit it for a little, they have a decent damage anyway. If he counters with Minion Horde or Barbarians, that is fine since the Miner already deals some damage to the opponent's tower.

It will create a counter push once your Miner is killed. You can use Minions and Baby Dragon to stop the Barbarians. Use Inferno Tower once he deploys his main attacker to your tower.

You can also push with Hog Rider and Miner. First is to deploy the Baby Dragon at the corner of your territory. Once he gets past to your tower, drop your Goblins and deploy your Miner to his tower. You will probably have excess elixirs to deploy your Hog Rider. This may cause your defense to collapse especially if he is pushing the other lane. You can defend it with Minions and Archers, they are pretty cheap too.

Surely with these combos, you are guaranteed to get a crown or even three crowns depending on the situation. Once you hit the 60-second mark, it will be easier to cycle your deck to create pushes while defending your own tower.

Deck Weakness:

Bomb Tower is a good defensive building against the Goblin sneak attack. Cannon is also a good defensive building and it costs less. These defensive buildings is vulnerable against aerial units such as the Minion and Baby Dragon in this deck.

Minion Horde will probably be able to stop the push instantly because Zap cannot kill them instantly. Use Archers to quickly dispose of them after you zap them.



I would like to thank Ash - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale for this amazing in-depth gameplay he made for this deck.

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