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Balance Changes October 9, 2017 Insights
Clash Royale is looking at the least used to the most used cards. Check out if your trump card will get affected this month's balance changes.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on October 9, 2017.
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With the most awaited October 2017 Update, comes a brand new Balance Change. Clash Royale dev team is looking at one of the most underused cards such as the Tesla and Sparky by giving them a good buff and the most used cards such as the Electro Wizard.

Sparky: Buff on Hit Speed, Nerf on Damage

Hit speed to 4sec (from 5sec), damage -15%

The question now is, will this buff allow the Sparky to emerge from her "trashcan on wheels" title? To be honest, I've been seeing quite a few Sparky users in Arena 10 - Hog Mountain, but then again this arena is pretty complex when it comes to metas. In 2v2 matches, that is a different story, where players love to experiment with decks. But this 5 second to 4 seconds buff may change her usage in ladder, especially if you pair her with the Tornado.

Tesla: Buff on Damage and Hit Speed

Damage +30%, hit speed to 1sec (from 0.8sec)

When Clash Royale was still fresh from Beta and is just recently starting, players are quite fond of the Tesla and even the Bomb Tower. As the game matures, they now moved away from the electric defense building and found Tombstone and Cannon instead. With this buff and the popularity of Minions and Minion Horde, it may find its way back in the arena.

Electro Wizard: Nerf on Damage and First attack speed

-4%, first attack comes 0.2sec slower

Sitting at the top tier Legendary Cards is the Electro Wizard. He is useful for both offense and defense and also resets high DPS Infernos. Nerfing his damage, he will focus more on support and give your troops enough Zap spell.

Graveyard: Duration and Radius Buff, Nerf on Skeleton spawn speed

-4%, first attack comes 0.2sec slower

Graveyard is indeed becoming one of the most used cards in the game. They are now trying to pull its popularity by making its radius narrower (same as Arrows) and making the first Skeleton spawn slower. This will give the opponent more time to react.

Cannon Cart: Buff on HP and Shield HP

Hitpoints +5%, shield hitpoints +5%

Hanging around Arena 10, I've never faced an opponent with a Cannon Cart. Even in 2v2 matches, it is seldom to see it in action. With this buff, the devs are trying their hardest to breathe life in this recently released Epic card.

Lightning: Nerf on damage and radius

Damage -3%, radius to 3 (from 3.5)

With its popularity with Hog and Golem decks, they will also pull its power. Lightning will now have a smaller radius (same as Freeze and Clone), so that means the troops you want to crush must be near each other.

Spear Goblins: Buff on Hit Speed

Hit speed to 1.1sec (from 1.3sec)

Let us be honest here, there are more Goblins users than the Spear Goblins. If players would want to use the Spear Gobs, most of them would rather use the Goblin Gang. But with its hit speed buffed, they can now throw more spears thus giving more damage.

Valkyrie: Buff on Damage

Damage +5%

Since the Wizard and the Executioner are gaining popularity, the Valkyrie is being left behind. With this damage buff, can we now say that the Trifecta is coming back too?


With the Balance Changes, they will also tweak a few codes in the game.

  • Bandit and Mega Knight - Charge and jump are now fixed.
  • Cannon Cart - Seems like some troops are getting stuck with the Cannon Cart after it plants itself to the ground. It is now fixed. Some troops are also not targetting the Cannon Cart that they now repaired.
  • Inferno Dragon and Inferno Tower - These two should reset their damage after breaking through shield.
  • Troop Pathfinding - I've noticed this that even my Bandit crosses the other lane she goes back to her original lane. Troops are now back to their normal pathfinding ways.

Final Overview:

Let us see if Sparky can now survive the wrath in the arena. I've played one Sparky deck that works really good in Arena 10 ladder matches: Spark-Nado Hybrid Deck for Arena 9 and Above. This deck is a combination of a beatdown and a spell bait. With the help of the Tornado you can easily clear the path of your Giant with the damage from the Sparky and Executioner. I also can't wait to see more Tesla in the game.

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Last modified: 9, 10, 2017

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