Balance Update June 4, 2018
Splashers are getting a buff! Check out what's new in this balance update!
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The two of the major splashes Wizard and Valkyrie is getting a buff. The team said this buff is to make them more usable in higher arenas. Spear Goblins and its Goblin Hut are again, getting a nerf this Balance Update check out the reason as to why along with other cards.

Spear Goblins: Buff on damage, Nerf on hit speed

Damage +34%, Hit Speed slower 1.2sec → 1.7sec, first attack slower

This is a big change to a classic card, we wanted to make all troops able to 1-hit Skeletons/Bats and the Spear Goblins were the final holdout. Stronger Spears make them able to fight Skeleton Army and Graveyard more effectively, but a slower hit speed balances out the DPS to only a minor nerf overall.

The biggest change will be to Goblin Hut spawns - now long-ranged attackers like Musketeer and Flying Machine can pop the Spear Gobs without taking damage, providing a consistent counter to the popular hut.

Goblin Hut: Nerf on lifetime

Lifetime shorter 60sec → 50sec

Since each hit from a single Spear Goblin is stronger, we want to reduce the total number of spawns from 12 to 10. The shorter lifetime places Goblin Hut in between Furnace and Barbarian Hut, and should reduce the number of decks that can get 3 or more Goblin Huts on the field at once.

Mega Knight: Buff on jump/spawn damage, Nerf on area damage

Jump/Spawn Damage +23%, Area Damage -7.5%

This big guy hasn't been the same since his jump got weaker. He's using a new brand of mustache wax now ("Dragon Wax", if you're curious) and is once again able to land with significant force - squishing Zappies in a single bound!

Barbarians: Buff on hit speed

Hit Speed faster 1.5sec → 1.4sec

They suffer from low win rates in every mode. This buff brings them closer in DPS to the Minion Horde! They'll also enter the Arena a bit further apart, making "surround placements" a bit easier to pull off.

Battle Ram: Nerf on knockback

Can be knocked back (by Barbarian Barrel, The Log, etc.)

Battle Rams are carried by the feet of the Barbarians, so it gets knocked back just like Barbarians do. This opens up space for Barbarian Barrel and Bowler to counter its charge, or Fireball in a pinch!

Royal Ghost: Nerf on invisibility delay

Invisibility delay increased 1.2sec → 1.6sec

The fallen king is one of the strongest and highest win rate cards in the game! Towers will now get one extra shot on him before he disappears. This gives Towers a bit more damage when defending against him, while keeping all combat interactions the same.

Wizard: Buff on area damage and area damage radius

Area Damage +2%, Area Damage radius +25%

Wizard is a popular card in middle Arenas, but struggles to stand out the higher you climb, and has a rather low win rate in Challenges. This radius increase makes his fireball match the Fire Spirits' area damage radius. The tiny damage buff makes him able to kill Minions 2 levels higher than him, making him appealing in Clan Wars against high-level Minions. Try him with Tornado for a blazing good time!

Valkryrie: Buff on HP and first attack speed

Hitpoints +7%, first attack faster

Everyone's favorite pit fighter went back into training and emerged with a much tougher constitution. She can take more hits from most troops (including both Princes), and comes down ready to spin! Use her to clear Goblin Gangs and Skeleton Armies at the bridge near-instantly for maximum carnage.

Ice Golem: Nerf on HP

Hitpoints -5%

This frosty foe is consistently one of the strongest defensive troops in the game. For only two Elixir, he should be a little bit more fragile.

Final Overview:

With the Valkyrie and Wizard buff, we might see more of them in higher arenas and might replace the Executioner. The Spear Goblins might get replaced by the Bats and the use rate of the Goblin Hut might remain the same.

What do you think of this update?

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Last modified: 4, 06, 2018

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