Balance Update July 2, 2018
The Rascals are now getting a nerf, Mortar is not getting some love too. Check out the cards affected this July's balance change!
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The nerf for the Rascals is now coming this July 2018. The Mortar is also not getting some love this balance update probably because of its high usage rate lately with its popular cycle and bait decks. Witch, Fire Spirits, and Bomber are getting a buff. Check out the rest of the updates here:

Rascals: Nerf on Rascal Boy HP and nerf on Rascal Girl ATK Speed

Rascal Boy: Hitpoints -5.3%, Rascal Girl: First attack slower

Rascals provide too much value for their cost, and we wanted to give them a trim without destroying what makes the card so useful. The Boy will take fewer hits to kill and Girls will take a bit longer to wind up their slingshots.

Mortar: Nerf on Area Damage and HP

Area Damage -3.5%, Hitpoints -4%

Mortar's low cost and long range make it a reliable card for chipping damage onto the tower and a very passable defensive unit. We want to reduce the damage it deals to towers while keeping all interactions the same - Princesses still beware!

Witch: Buff on HP, spawn speed, Nerf on hit speed

Hitpoints +17%, Spawn Speed increased 7sec → 5sec, Hit Speed slower 0.7sec → 1sec

Witch has long played second fiddle to Wizard, Executioner, and other ranged attackers. She has the lowest win rate in the game, which is disappointing for one of the starting Epics. Instead of buffing her damage, we opted to lower her damage and make her a tough Skeleton summoner! She will now survive Fireball + Log and create Skeletons at a faster rate, making her a unique support troop to hide behind tanks.

Fire Spirits: Buff on area damage

Hitpoints +17%, Spawn Speed increased 7sec → 5sec, Hit Speed slower 0.7sec → 1sec

This damage buff will make Furnace a bit more threatening, and allow a pack of Fire Spirits to destroy a Flying Machine!

Bomber: Buff on range

Range increased 4.5 → 5

He's been focusing on arm day at the gym lately, and the results are good! Now he can throw his bombs further and will be easier to use behind a tank.

Mega Minion: Nerf on hit speed

Hit Speed slower 1.5sec → 1.6sec

The flying menace is a strong defender and formidable attacker. For 3 Elixir, Mega Minion does it all and that's reflected in extremely high use rates and win rates. This minor nerf will slow down its defensive capabilities while still allowing two attacks on an undefended tower.

Goblins: Nerf on HP

Hitpoints -1%

As part of an ongoing project to standardize interactions, we're fixing a rounding error here - Minions will now two-hit Goblins at every level!

Additional Changes:

  • Giant Snowball and Royal Hogs → Now added in Clan Wars collection day pool
  • Draft Sets → Reduced the chance of getting too many building-targeting troops in the same draft.

Final Overview:

With the Rascals and the Mortar getting a nerf, we might not see a lot of them this July. The Witch, Fire Spirit, and the Bomber might mean more Giant beatdowns. Another card to watch out for is probably the Fireball to wipeout the support from beatdown pushes.

What do you think of this update?

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Last modified: 2, 07, 2018

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