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Balance Changes January 24,2018 Insights
The Royal Ghost was hit hard and the Zappies' game changer! Learn more about the January Balance Changes here!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on January 24, 2018.
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After the release of the Royal Ghost and after he ravaged the upper Arenas, he is now taking a little break. The Zappies will also have a game-changing update that might remove the Electro Wizard out of the equation. Get to know more about the Balance Changes below.

Royal Ghost: Nerf on Damage, Invisibility Delay, Hit Speed

Damage -6%; Invisibility delay 0.7sec → 1.2 sec; Hit Speed 1.7sec → 1.8sec

Supercell is nerfing Royal Ghost really hard. This is totally a game changer for some who are used to playing him on both ladder and challenges. Although, at his "pre-balance" state, players are already getting used to countering him. However, with this Royal Ghost madness coming to a stop, we will see a new meta shift coming.

Zappies: Target change

Targets Ground and Air

One word for this Zappies update: WOW! A total game-changer. Players without an Electro Wizard or a low-level E-Wiz can now sub in the Zappies as they can now target air units. The question now is, will this put the Inferno Dragon back in the cupboards?

Hunter: Range nerf, Bullet spread buff

Range 5 → 4; Bullet spread slightly smaller (projectile range remains at 6.5)

One of the most underrated epic cards in the game. Not many CR players realize how OP this card is especially up close with melee and air units. With this buff, we might see him more and more in ladder and challenges. I am also guessing at this time, a lot of players now have him around in at least tourney standards.

Night Witch: Bats buff

Initial Bats spawn quicker

The Night Witch is still the troop of choice in Giant Beatdowns, Golem, and even Bandit and Miner decks. With this buff, she now summons her Bats quicker just like how she does it before she got a a ton of nerfs in the past.

Bats: Hitspeed nerf

Hit Speed 1sec → 1.1sec

If you're fond of using Bats with quick tanks such as Miner or Bandit, you'll know it's game over if the tower connects with your tankers. This slight change will reel in the Bats' damage.

Lava Hound: HP buff

Hitpoints +5%

This 5% increase in the Lava Hound's HP is quite big! We might see a lot of Lava-Loons coming back in the arena.

Goblin Hut: Spawn Speed Nerf:

Spawn Speed 4.9sec → 5sec (one less spawn in total)

The Goblin Hut was certainly back in the game after resting in Arena 3. With this nerf, the Hut will now spawn Spear Gobs every 5 seconds and will only cut one less Spear Gob. To be honest, that is not really much of a change, but we'll see.

Mini P.E.K.K.A and LumberJack: HP buff

mini_PEKKA.png LumberJack.png
Hitpoints +7%

The Mini P.E.K.K.A is getting a lot of love this balance changes. We may now even call her Medium P.E.K.K.A with her newly buffed HP. Same with the LumberJack. The LumberJack is creeping in this meta because of Golem decks. I am pretty sure, we will see a lot of Lava-Loon with the LumberJack in the next couple of days.

Mortar: Range nerf:

Minimum Range 4.5 → 3.5

Cutting down the Mortar's range will definitely make it easier for you to distract it.

Final Overview:

We are definitely going to see a lot of Lava-Loon decks back in the meta. It may be a Lava Hound with the Skeleton Barrel, but Lava Hounds will be back probably with the LumberJack too. Another prediction here is a Hog Rider deck with the LumberJack and the Mini P.E.K.K.A for defense.

What do you think of this update?

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Last modified: 24, 01, 2018

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