Balance Update August 6, 2018
An indirect buff to the Giant Snowball, a King Tower buff and more. Check out the cards affected this August's balance update!
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Some aerials such as the Baby Dragon, Inferno Dragon, and the Balloon can now be knocked back by the Snowball and Fireball. The team also gave an additional power to the Cannon Cart. Even the King Tower got a buff! His cannon damage has now increased. Check out the rest of the updates here:

Inferno Dragon: Nerf on Range, Can be knocked back

Range decreased 4.0 → 3.5, can be knocked back

Inferno Dragon is one of the most impactful legendary troops in the entire game. If you don’t have an answer to its powerful beam you can feel quite helpless. By making his range consistent with Baby Dragon, he will have to get closer to the target, making the choice between it and the longer Inferno Tower more distinct.

Also, by allowing knock back, Giant Snowball and Fireball can break his Inferno Beam! While still a dominant card when your opponent lacks an answer, we hope that a wider spell diversity will result by freeing tank players from being forced to carry Zap or Lightning in every deck.

Royal Hogs: Buff on first attack

First attack faster

The Royal Hogs needed more training! They were running up to the tower, then stopping on their hooves to wind up for an attack, but now they will run full speed into the Tower, hitting almost immediately upon impact.

Baby Dragon: Buff on hitspeed, Can be knocked back

Hit Speed faster 1.6sec → 1.5sec, can be knocked back

This classic card has slowly trended down in usage and win rate, which is why it gets a slight buff to compensate for the knock back. A slightly faster attack will increase effectiveness against Minion Horde, Witch, and Goblin Gang.

Knight: Buff on damage

Damage +5%

The Knight spent his summer vacation sharpening his sword. This improved blade will allow him to cleave Goblins in a single blow, increasing his usefulness against Goblin Gang and Barrel. This should provide a more compelling alternative to Valkyrie for low cost decks.

Tesla: Nerf on lifetime and hitspeed

Lifetime shorter 40sec → 35sec, Hit Speed slower 1sec → 1.1sec

Tesla Tower has a higher use rate than all the other defensive towers combined! Lowering the lifespan effectively reduces its health in extended combat, and the slower attack will give some swarms a chance to close in before it cleans them up. While still very effective, it should open up deck slots for the other towers, such as...

Bomb Tower: Buff on elixir cost, Nerf on lifetime and HP

Elixir cost decreased 5 → 4, Lifetime shorter 40sec → 35sec, Hitpoints -33%

Bomb Tower has sat at the bottom of the use rate charts for well over a year now. The challenge with buffing Bomb Tower at 5 cost is that most of the swarms you would want to counter cost 3 or less. Dropping the cost down to 4 while keeping the damage the same should make it a reasonable counter to Hog Rider, Battle Ram, and more!

Cannon Cart: Buff on lifetime, transforms faster, immune to knock back

Cannon Lifetime longer 20sec → 30sec, transforms into Cannon faster, immune to knock back

Since rolling into the Arena, the Cannon Cart suffered from a bit of clumsy handling. We’ve reinforced the wheels to prevent knock back from Bowler and Fireball, while making the non-moving Cannon appear sooner and last longer.

Balloon: Nerf as it can now be knocked back

Can be knocked back

The third flying unit to lose Immunity knock back, players now have more options to counter the devastating LavaLoon deck. Giant Snowball and Fireball can break apart the push, making it easier to isolate the Balloon from the tank.

King Tower: Buff on damage

Damage increased to match Princess Towers

As an ongoing attempt to standardize the interactions across the game, the King Tower will deal the same amount of damage per hit as the Princess Tower. Currently, it does slightly less which created inconsistent interactions.

Final Overview:

This August 2018 update gave aerials a nerf that it can now be knocked back even from a 2-elixir Giant Snowball. This means this is also an indirect buff to the spell card. In terms of the Bomb Tower, they are trying to bring it back to its good old glory days by cutting its cost. This may also counter the usual cheap swarm decks. The King Tower has finally been buffed to match the princess towers to help bring down intruders so if you have a Tornado in your deck, try pulling units to activate him.

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Last modified: 3, 08, 2018

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