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Balance Changes August 11, 2017 Insights
The long awaited balance change is here! Check out which cards are they going to nerf and which cards will get the buff that they deserve.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 10, 2017.
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After their month long vacation, the Clash Royale team went back right away and tweaks a couple of cards to make the game exciting. Check out if your favorite cards are safe or not or if those popular cards are now being shut down.

Night Witch: Nerf on Damage, Range, Bat Spawn Speed, Death Damage

Damage -9%, range -11%, Bat spawn speed to 7sec (from 6sec), spawns 2 Bats on death (from 3)

The Night Witch nerf hurts me a lot as two of my decks solely rely on her. One is Chief Pat's Night Giant Beatdown Deck and the other is DRL's P.E.K.K.A Electric Graveyard Deck where I sub the P.E.K.K.A with the Night Witch. I have a feeling this is the game dev's move to lessen the Night Witch in the arena. She is almost in every deck right now and even after her nerf, people are still clinging on to her. Including me.

Battle Ram: Nerf on Speed

Takes a bit longer to begin charging, Barbarians spawn slower

Time to say goodbye to Vietnam's famous Bridge Spam Deck? This will make it easier for players to counter this charging ram as it now needs 4 tiles in order to make it charge. Aside from that, the ability of the Barbarians to charge is slower too.

Graveyard: Nerf on duration and Skeletons

Duration to 9sec (from 10sec), spawns 15 Skeletons (from 17)

Again, this hurts me as I love playing with the Graveyard. It feels so great to plant it down especially if you know that the opponent has little to no elixirs to counter it. Are we saying good bye to the Splash Yard Deck too?

Electro Wizard: Nerf on HP

Hitpoints -2%

The Clash Royale team just put a stake through my heart. I use the Electro Wizard a lot to support my troops. With all the five decks I have, there is an Electro Wizard in it. I guess it's either I give him some rest or test my luck in leveling him up. With his HP decreased he is more vulnerable to Fireball. A Fireball bait deck soon?

Heal: Nerf on Duration

Duration to 2.5sec (from 3sec)

Finally, we will now see less Ram Heal Three Musketeers in the arena. Last time I checked they are always there in challenges and tournaments and some in ladder matches. With the decreased duration, this makes the total healing power down to 440 HP from 616 HP.

Mini P.E.K.K.A: Buff on Damage

Damage +4.6%

The Mini P.E.K.K.A is growing and she's trying to match with her mom the P.E.K.K.A. With this buff, she can now one shot a lot of units such as the Electro Wizard, Musketeer etc. She is really becoming the P.E.K.K.A's true baby.

X-Bow and Mortar: Buff on Deploy Time

Deploy time to 3.5sec (from 4sec)
Deploy time to 3.5sec (from 4sec)

These buildings can now target the enemy faster. With these buffs coming in, this will definitely shift the meta. We will now see a lot of 3.0 Mortar Cycle Decks in the game soon.

Dark Prince: Buff on Damage and Hit Speed

Damage +6%, hit speed to 1.4sec (from 1.5sec)

A long forgotten card is trying to get back on his feet with vengeance. With the damage and hit speed buffs, his DPS increased by 15%. This means he can now actively clear the path and swipe away average HP troops such as Musketeers and Wizards.

Ice Wizard: Buff on Damage but Nerf on Hit Speed

Damage +10%, hit speed to 1.7sec (from 1.5sec)

We've all waited for this, the Ice Wizard buff. He can now finally one shot Skeletons and Bats. It will now be easier for him to take care of Minions as this also takes one shot off due to his stronger damage.

Bats: Buff on Bats Count

Bat count to 5 (from 4)

They are now bringing back the lost Bat and making them 5 again. The game devs noticed that these Night Witch buddies are almost at 0 use rate.


If you want more insight about the balance changes, check out Orange Juice in this video.

You can also check out our Youtube partner DaRealLegend Of Gaming.

Final Overview:

This balance change shuts down my decks completely. It's a good thing I'm also using the 2.9 Hog Princess Cycle Deck to save the day. I'm pretty sure we will see more buildings like the Mortar, X-Bow and Ice Wizard in the arena soon enough. For the Night Witch? Meh, it's time for her to rest a bit.

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Last modified: 15, 08, 2017

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