Balance Update April 24, 2018
Check out which cards have been nerfed and buffed for this April 2018 update!
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The long-awaited Dark Prince nerf has finally arrived. The card that didn't get enough sunshine before its buff is getting a well deserved nerf because of his popularity in the arena. Along with the Dark Prince, a couple of cards are also getting a nerf such as the Spear Goblins, and Ice Spirit. But don't worry, there are cards that are now stronger like the Barbarian Barrel, Knight, Dart Goblin, Skeleton Barrel, Lightning, and the Magic Archer.

Dark Prince: Nerf on Shield HP

Shield Hitpoints -25%

The last Balance Update made the Dark Prince faster and a bit tougher to deal with... maybe a bit too much. With reduced Shield Hitpoints, it'll require less damage to knock off the Dark Prince's shield, allowing for faster counterplays against him.

Spear Goblins (Spear Gobs, Gob Gang, Gob Hut): Nerf on hit speed

Hit Speed 1.1sec → 1.2sec

All 3 Cards that feature Spear Goblins have a heavy (and punishing!) presence in different metas. Increasing their Hit Speed should scale back their versatile usage just a bit.

Barbarian Barrel: Buff on Range

Range 6.5 → 7

Our Barrel loving Barbarian hasn't quite found his place within the Arena yet. Increasing Range makes him a bit more reliable at hitting targets and also brings the brave Barbarian closer to Towers. If a Tower is down however, he'll now be able to reach the King, providing better opportunities to secure 3 Crowns.

Knight: Buff on HP

Hitpoints +3%

Even after the last Balance Update, the Knight is still a versatile and popular choice, but a small increase in Hitpoints should put him in a good spot for top level play as well.

Dart Goblin: Buff on Damage

Damage +3%

The Dart Goblin’s unique and fast-paced gameplay has struggled to find a solid place within different metas. However, now that he exclusively chews Double Trouble Gum, he's able to blow darts a bit harder, dealing more damage, and even two-shotting Minions!

Ice Spirit: Nerf on Area Damage and Freeze Duration

Area Damage -4%; Freeze Duration 1.5sec → 1sec

Ice Spirit is both a fun and difficult Card to master. With a whopping cost of 1 Elixir, plus its versatile usage, there's no question to why it was highly present in top level play. Adjusting Area Damage and Freeze Duration should scale it back just enough to keep it competitive, while toning down its tremendous value a notch.

Skeleton Barrel: Buff on Skeleton Count

Skeleton count 6 → 7

Skeleton Barrel offers the opportunity for different gameplay situations, troop combinations and counterplays. Adding 1 more Skeleton should make it a viable choice for both competitive and fun play again.

Lightning: Buff on Radius:

Radius 3 → 3.5

Lightning has seen multiple adjustments in the past (reduced Radius, Damage and Crown Tower Damage). This increase in Radius should help make Lightning a viable choice for battle again.

Tornado: Nerf on Duration, Buff on DPS

Duration 2.5sec → 2 sec; Damage per second +21% (this affects Total Damage -3%)

While being difficult to master, Tornado can be dominant when played well. Slightly reducing its pull duration balances interactions against big pushes, aka, these troops won't be immobilized for such a long time anymore. To compensate the pull reduction, Damage per Second will pack a bigger punch (ex: at tournament level, Tornado will be able to kill Skeletons and Bats in 2 ticks, rather than 3).

Magic Archer: Buff on Target

hits moving targets better

This is meant to address situations where the Magic Archer couldn't hit spawning units from a Tombstone or Goblin Hut.

Other Changes and Fixes:

  • Spells → You can now deploy them on the river.
  • Cannon Cart → In rare cases, Cannon Cart was not being targeted after losing its shield
  • Witch → Witch would sometimes switch targets (while being locked to a tower), if spawning skeletons pushed her target out of range
  • Sparky → In rare cases, Sparky's hit would reset if she's knocked out of range while charging
  • Hunter → Hunter can now hit targets on top of him

Final Overview:

Because of the huge spike on Dark Prince usage, most of the Clash Royale players are expecting a nerf. The proposal of nerfing the Tornado has finally been answered and the buff on the Barbarian Barrel and Magic Archer are not a surprise. The real surprise for me is the Ice Spirit nerf. Well, Supercell did explain the high usage in high trophy matches, but let us see if the pros will still use this 1 elixir card.

What do you think of this update?

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Last modified: 20, 04, 2018

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