This is the Tanker + Push + Support Basic Strategy that worked wonders in almost every Clash Royale Arena!


One of the most basic technique in Clash Royale is, the tanker + push + support strategy. This time, it was used on Arena 5 - 6.

This Arena 1 fundamental plan still works even on higher arenas. With its usual charm of having the Giant with the Musketeer at his back to do the pushing, the Valkyrie has been added to clear out any incoming Skeleton Army or Spear Gobs / Gobs.

This deck is from RUDTSTxOj on Supercell Forums and claims to help him manage Arena 5 with ease! We don't want you having trouble on it too, so here it is!  


This tanker + push + support strategy has been around since Arena 1. Arena 5 - 6 players are usually familiar with this move, so familiarization is one of it's strength. Aside from that, having a tanker like the Giant is almost comforting to the pushing troop behind him since he will soak up all or most of the counter attacks leaving the Musketeer behind him safe and ready to fire at will. Valkyrie as support will eliminate any low HP troops that will attack your Giant so he can walk down the lane with ease.

The cards here are pretty basic minus the Rage Spell in which case you can replace with the Witch if you're still on the lower level Arenas!

The Giant + Musketeer + Valkyrie Deck:

Giant Musketeer Valkyrie Arrows
Giant Musketeer Valkyrie Arrows
Barbarians Rage Spear Goblins Baby Dragon
Barbarians Rage Spear Goblins Baby Dragon

Average Elixir: 3.8

Arrows: Use this spell to clear any Skeleton Army, low HP troops, and Minion Horde.

Baby Dragon: Just in case your Valk is not on your hand, you can replace her with this troop since he also does AoE (Area of Effect)/splash damage.

Barbarians: A great group troop against Princes, P.E.K.K.A., Hog Rider, and the sort.

Giant: Main tanker! He will shield your troops with ease due to his size and massive HP.

Musketeer: Main pushing unit. With her firepower, she can definitely bring down a Baby Dragon and other counter troops! 

Rage: A spell that works like an adrenaline rush to your troops. Use this to make their attack speed and speed faster!

Spear Goblins: This 2-Elixir card can be used for support or defense.

Valkyrie: Because of her ax swinging, she can do a big damage against low HP troops such as Skeleton Armies, even Barbs too!

Battle Strategy:

Since this is one of the most basic strategies, you have to wait for your elixir to be at max too! Once it is full, bring down your Giant and put it beside your King Tower so you will regenerate elixirs while he's slowly walking down the lane. After he reaches the bridge that's the time to pull out your Musketeer and Valk at his back! They will take care of any counter troops coming your way! If your Rage Spell is already available, drop it near your enemy's Crown Tower and watch your troops wreak havoc to anything that they see, including the opponent's tower!

At the 2-minute mark, after you've destroyed his first tower, if your troops are still equipped with a decent amount of HP, go straight to the King Tower and aim for the Three Crown victory. If not, rest and wait for your elixir to replenish. Make sure you have enough Elixirs to deploy your Barbs anytime to do countering!

Before we end the game, at the double elixir mark, still try the same push Giant + Musketeer + Valkyrie, you can also add the Baby Dragon for that extra pushing and your enemy will be overwhelmed by your troops walking towards him. Get ready with your Barbs and Arrows though, he might surprise you too! Once you've succeeded with the push, congratulations mate you just earned trophies!


Since you have to wait for 5 Elixirs to bring down a Giant, it might be nuisance to some. That's why you make sure your Giant is always supported too! They walk slow and can't defend themselves. You don't want to spend 5 elixirs for nothing.

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I used this deck to climb from Arena 2 to Arena 3, and even crushed a level 7 opponent when I was just level 3! Basic strategy on this deck too, Giant + Musketeer, I am definitely sure this can work on higher Arenas as well!

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For sure it is not called the basics, if it is not working. This time, the tanker + push + support strategy is used on a higher level Arena and is pushing trophies! No wonder that this is still a crowd favorite even though there are a lot of strategies going about like split push and fast push.

Do you use a different strategy on your games? Or do you stick it with a tried and tested formula like this? Let us know!


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