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fill_750_468_2016-05-10-10-00-41-39.png Stun your opponents and let your team deliver one extra attack with this Zap deck for Arena 5!


For those of you lucky enough to nab Zap from Arena 5 (Spell Valley), you might be surprised to find this card is more versatile than first thought. The younger cousin of Lightning, Zap delivers a delicate blow of direct damage followed by a shocking stun, effectively stopping your opponent momentarily. This deck features Zap as a key component, and is necessary for it to work fluidly. You'll be using it most of the time throughout the game - much to your enemy's displeasure.

If you like fast-paced, frustrating Clash Royale decks that stump your opponent into giving up early, then this Arena 5 Zap deck might be for you!.

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This Zap Arena 5 Deck excels in stopping swarms of weak troops in a flash. We often see Zap being used to stop a charging Prince/Dark Prince in their murderous tracks, or to clear a path for a Hog Rider. While these tactics are effective, they don't truly utilize Zap's potential to cycle the deck.

That's right.

With its low elixir cost and ability to stun, it fits perfectly in a deck that can turn it over again and again, speeding through their cards to crank out as much damage as possible. This is especially good for being used in defense against Hutters. With no way to deflect it, Zap can really dish out a load of frustration to the enemy when paired with the right troops.

Arena 5 Zap Deck to Stun Minion Horde and Control Swarms

Archers Fireball Skeleton Army Goblins
archers.png fireball.png skeleton_army.png goblins.png
Zap Knight Spear Goblins Baby Dragon
zap.png knight.png spear_goblins.png baby_dragon.png

Card Roles :

  • Archers (lvl. 6): Air defense. These guys are underused, subbed for Musketeer. While you could do the same, Archers are cheaper, and fit our low elixir strategy better. Pair with Knight for a small push that will force your opponent to react.
  • Fireball (lvl. 4): Use in place of Arrows for defense, or against a tower directly. You'll find that it will come in handy a lot, as most times you'll be chipping away at towers throughout the match. And who doesn't love a good Fireball win?
  • Skeleton Army: Use to eat up those big tanks that come a-knockin' on your towers, then build your forces around the horde. Exert caution: Arrows and Fireball can easily wipe them out, so you'll want to bait out any hidden spells.
  • Goblins (lvl. 6): Cheap infantry. Use often. These do well in a dual-push, and can sometimes slip by to do some damage to an unsupervised tower.
  • Zap: The star. The manner in which we use it will have a huge impact on how this deck plays. Use it as often as possible for best effect, targeting swarms of weak Goblins/Minions/Skeletons for defense, or slow down a charging Prince.
  • Knight (lvl. 6): He's gonna be our beefy ground unit - one that can't be taken out with an Arrow shower. Pit him against other melee-type units, optimally with some air support.
  • Spear Goblins (lvl. 6): Air defense. Again, cheaper than Musketeer. These guys can cause some trouble when paired with Archers, and are essential when dealing with enemy Baby Dragons or Balloons.
  • Baby Dragon (lvl. 2): Our second high hitpoint unit. Because of his AoE attack and ability to clear swarms of enemies at a fast rate, he's indispensable. Use as offense or defense, and play often.

Deck Strengths:

The play style of this deck is ultimately up to the player, as this build can fit both offense and defense, respectfully. And, it's especially good against Clash Royale decks that rely on big tanks to take your towers, as the sheer numbers of your units will overwhelm just about any push they can send at you.

We're going to showcase Zap by capitalizing on its low elixir cost, and stunning abilities. Bring the hurt with massive clouds of units that just don't stop, playing in both lanes to exhaust elixirs. It will take almost everything they have to keep your troops at bay, while you flash through your deck, playing card after endless card.

Or, slow things down by methodically pairing troops to your advantage. Use slow pushes to build speed, placing troops close to your King Tower to form a train of doom that will whittle down enemy towers little by little.

Clash Royale Strategy:

With this deck, you don't have to wait until your elixir is completely full before starting to make a move. Start a small push with Knight + Archers or any other small troop you please to force a response from your opponent. You should get a feel for their strategy within this window of time, so play accordingly. If they use Arrows frequently, synchronize your biggest pushes for right after it's used. If you're on the defensive at this point, you may not have the elixir you need to use both lanes and that's okay - just be patient. Lead the charge with Baby Dragon and Knight, using Zap any time it comes up in your hand to keep cycling cards back into your hand. In this moment, we're just picking at our enemy, dealing bits of damage where we can and staying safe.

Mid-Game (1:30): Things should be picking up momentum now. After the exchange of counters, you should know whether or not you can comfortably press into both lanes. Sending a single Baby Dragon or Goblins into an empty lane will pressure your opponent to counter, keeping their elixir low. Use Fireball at your discretion to take out any annoying Huts or defensive buildings while you continue to Zap away, feeding your hand.

End-Game (2:00): This is the sweet spot of this deck. Turn that Zap card over as many times as possible to refill your hand with Baby Dragon and Knight. Then, spawn as many units as you can to support them. If you're on the offensive, keep the flow of battle going by emptying your hand quickly. If you're playing defense, even a Valkyrie will have a hard time cutting through the swath of units you'll be sending their way. If your opponent is pushing for a stalemate by keeping you at arm's length, use that Fireball to chip away at the final few hitpoints of a weakened tower to secure a win.


Arrows are a huge pain for users of this deck, as they can clear away most - if not all - of your Goblins and Skeletons. Therefore, level is a huge deal. You want your cards to be at least level 6 before attempting this deck in a high Clash Royale arena.

Also, you will find Valkyries can be troublesome. Keep track of where they're placed to avoid having your army wiped out.

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It was a blast creating and playing with this deck, and I have a feeling this deck can go much further than Arena 5. And hey, if you try it, let me know how far you made it! Do you have a better combination? Leave a comment below and share your results. Until later, ride the lightning and happy clashing!

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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  • Hey buddy! We're glad it's working out perfectly. We hope to see you in the Legendary Arena! :) -- crpedia team -- 15:04, 26 January 2017 (UTC)
  • This deck was very successful for me, I did not lost a single game in arena 5 using this deck and I'm starting to push with it in arena 7. Maybe a tombstone instead of the skeleton hoard to draw Giants and hogs away from the tower. Really solid deck thanks! -- 18:26, 25 January 2017 (UTC)