With its high damage, you can almost do anything with the Rocket. Deny your opponent on Clash Royale with the opportunity to push.


This deck has two buildings and three Spells. The main strategy here is to use the buildings to lure out your opponent's troop. Once they're pulled, use a Rocket to finish them off and hope that it will hit their tower as well. This will give you an Elixir advantage to do some pushing.

We got this Rocket Punch Deck from a Reddit user named Eclipzer and we're going to share it with you too!


The strength of this deck is its high chance of letting you win the game or atleast get a draw. A draw is better than losing your precious trophies.

Aside from having a high winning rate, with your two Buildings under your belt, it is almost guaranteed that your Crown Towers won't be touched unless you don't have any buildings around. They will also lower down the enemy troop's HP making them an easier target to your Spells.

Rocket Punch Deck:

Barbarians Fireball Rocket Arrows
barbarians.png fireball.png rocket.png arrows.png
Tombstone Tesla Baby Dragon Spear Goblins
tombstone.png tesla.png baby_dragon.png spear_goblins.png

Card Roles:

Arrows: The best counter for Skeleton Army and Minion Hordes. You can also use this against Goblin Barrels. If you time and aim it right, you will just take damage from the barrel.

Baby Dragon: He will be your tanker in this deck. You can put Spear Goblins at his back for support and do a little pushing too.

Barbarbians: Your moving defense. They can put a stop to almost all the pushing and can also do the same thing against your enemy's tower.

Fireball: This will be your meat tenderizer for tanky troops and troops for pushing. Deploy it just when they are crossing the bridge so they will be all in one group and your buildings will take care of the rest.

Rocket: Your main card. The game changer. This can obliterate any towers or take a huge chunk out of its HP. If you aim it well enough you can also damage troops or huts near its radius.

Spear Goblins: They will be your guard for your buildings and they can also do a little push if you have a Baby Dragon in front.

Tesla: This tower will take out any low HP troop and also lower any tankers HP. Aside from that, it will also lure away troops from your tower. 

Tombstone: This skeleton spawner will be your distraction against high damage single target troops.

Battle Strategy:

Have your full Elixir ready and the strategy here is to take it slow. You have to set up your buildings (Tesla and Tombstone) first because you want your opponent to pull out his troops. If he did and placed it near his Crown Tower (probably a giant or a witch), whip out your Rocket and aim it on his tower. If you aim it correctly it will take down the troop or lower their HP.

In the middle of the game, defense is still the key here. Always try to build up your buildings back and if he did try to cross over the bridge take out your Fireball to soften them up and leave it to the Tesla. You can also do a little damage by putting your Spear Goblins at the back of the building.

On the 60 second mark double elixir, it is time for you to push! Pull out your Baby Dragon accompanied by Spear Goblins at the back and push through a lane. Once his Crown Tower's HP is expiring now is the time to do the Rocket Punch and win the game!

Remember your Barbarians can be used as a defensive unit or can be used to push. It depends on what your opponents cards are.


XBows can be a weakness on this deck since it locks on troops and buildings alike. If your opponent drops one down, counter it immediately by a Rocket to dispose of it. A fair trade of Elixirs there.

Balloons are also a weakness, make sure to put your Tombstone in front of your Tesla so it will go straight to it and fire away with your Spear Gobs and Fireball.

Always remember that you're equipped with a Rocket, use it if you're in dire need. If not, aim it to your opponent's towers!

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The Rocket Punch Deck is not only because of high damage troops, you can also win the game by doing defense and having Elixir advantage over your opponent.

Did you like our article? Why don't you try it out and let us know. Remember, slow and steady is the key on this deck!

[Strategy Rocket Punch Deck Guide - How to Reach Arena 5 • /r/ClashRoyale]


Special thanks to the Eclipzer for sharing this deck on Reddit!


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