Don't disregard these little critters. They can be anybody's doom!


Skeletons are low HP troops that can be destroyed with just one hit from your tower. However, if they are part of the Skeleton Army, they can be a great threat even against a Mini P.E.K.K.A., Prince, or other single hitting beefy troop. They really are a strength in numbers!

In this Clash Royale deck, we will focus on the Tombstone, a three-elixir card that spawns one skeleton every three seconds. That is more than enough if you try to save them up for a one huge massive push! Partnered with other cards, the Tombstone and its Skeleton offspring can win you trophies after each game!


The strength here is to build up a massive amount of Skeletons with the help of the Tombstone. Coupled with the Giant Skeleton, Witch, and Skeletons, it will be an easy task to amass a great number of Skeletons to help you destroy your enemy's tower/s!

Tombstone Deck for Arena 4:

Tombstone Giant Skeleton Minions Minion Horde
Tombstone Giant Skeleton Minions Minion Horde
Skeletons Bomb Tower Witch Skeleton Army
Skeletons Bomb Tower Witch Skeleton Army

Card Roles:

Bomb Tower: With its one-minute lifespan and a good range, this building will provide lure and keep your base safe from intruders.

Giant Skeleton: His ability to attack and drop a bomb once he's finished is totally a winner! He will be your tanker on this deck.

Minions: They are great for support since your troops are mainly ground troops without range.

Minion Horde: An offense + defense card. They will tear up towers and even Baby Dragons in a snap.

Skeletons: For a one elixir card, they work great in distracting and even destroying troops that are focused on your towers. 

Skeleton Army: This massive horde of skeletons can knock down anything on their path! 

Tombstone: Skeleton-making machine. For just 3 elixirs, you will have 1 Skeleton every 3 seconds! Once destroyed, it spawns 4 more!

Witch: She spawns 3 skeletons every seven and a half seconds! Aside from that, she's your only unit that can do ranged damage!

Battle Strategy:

This is an offense deck so you'll be needing to push and push! Wait until you have full elixir and deploy your Giant Skeleton and Tombstone at the back of your Crown Tower. Once he reached the bridge now is the time you put down your Skeleton Army. They will provide support for your Giant Skeleton. You might want to add your Minions too, to provide aerial cover.

During midgame, this is when your opponent will also start pushing. Put down your Bomb Tower just in the middle of your base to lure and use your Minion Horde for additional damage. You can also use your Skeletons when they are already locked in your Bomb Tower. 

At the double elixir mark, make sure to land Tombstones at every possible moment. Do the same Giant Skeleton + Skeleton Army push. You can also combine him with Minions for a cheaper alternative. Horde a lot of Skeletons with your Tombstone and continue using your Minions / Minion Horde to provide defense. Add your Witch to the push and that will be the game ender for your enemy. He will be consumed with Skeletons that he might even Rage Quit before the game ends.


This deck is not equipped with any spells. Just in case your opponent also used a Skeleton Army against you, drop your Skeleton Army as well for an even exchange of elixir. You can also exchange your Skeletons with Arrows if you want to be sure.

Another weakness will be Bombers, Bomb Towers, Arrows, and Fireball. If they did deploy those cards, use your Minions / Minion Horde against them. And since they already used those spells they will be needing to cycle through it again, another perfect time to do offense!

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Strength in numbers is really powerful! Even though these little Skeletons have a very low HP, with their numbers they can take out the most powerful troop there is! If you combine their numbers and a great tanker to do a surge push, they can do a lot of wonders and can even push you to the higher arenas!

Let us know if this deck worked out.We'd love to hear from you!


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