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We don't want you to get stuck on the Barbarian Bowl, this deck will be the answer!


Arena 3 and Arena 4 is usually where players get stuck because you win a lot of trophies today and probably lose them tomorrow. It just feels like you're stuck at a trophy bracket. But this Redditor, JpMehh, shared his Arena 3 Deck that conquered Arena 4, 5, 6, and landed him on Arena 7! We will definitely share it with our loyal readers too!


This deck is mostly composed of Arena 1 cards, so that means you can focus on upgrading them with ease! Requesting Arena 1 troops to your clan should be a breeze too! The only Arena 3 unit that this deck has is the Barbarians, since they almost counter every card in the game.

Another strength will be familiarity since you already played those troops in Arena 1, you already know how much their elixir is, how fast they walk, and what cards are used to counter them.

Arena 3 Deck:

Fireball Musketeer Arrows Goblins
fireball.png musketeer.png arrows.png goblins.png
Prince Barbarians Valkyrie Baby Dragon
prince.png barbarians.png valkyrie.png baby_dragon.png

Card Roles:

Average Elixir: 3.9

Arrows: The spell that is made for countering low HP troops such as Skeleton Armies, Minion Hordes, and Spear Gobs/Gobs/Archers.

Baby Dragon: With his AoE damage and high HP, he works well against swarms too! He can also be your tanker in this deck.

Barbarians: Use them against high damage troops such as Prince, Hog Riders, and other tanks.

Fireball: Your hut and big troop destroyer. You have to time it right though.

Goblins: For distraction and taking out troops that are locked on to your tower.

Musketeer: The best counter against flying troops such as Baby Dragons and Balloons.

Prince: Main pushing unit!

Valkyrie: She will be the support for your Prince but you'll put her in front.

Battle Strategy:

On this deck, you don't need to do a full on attack. Wait until your opponent drops their units first and then make a move to counter them. Just in case your opponent didn't move an inch, start it off by placing your Valk near your King Tower and wait until she reaches the bridge, that is when you'll drop the Prince behind her for some extra push. You can also deploy the Baby Dragon on top to be their tanker.

During the mid game, your enemy might start pushing towards your arena, counter them with your Barbs if he's going to push with a high DPS troop or a Fireball spell if they're a group of troops. Finish them up with your Musketeer or Valkyrie and start another push.

At the 60 second 2x Elixir, Do the last push with the Baby Dragon as your Tanker + Valk + Prince. If your enemy countered your troops, use your Spells to get rid of them. You will be needing this push to finish the game. You might want some help from your Barbs to get rid of other pesky counter units.


Patience will be one of the weakness here. Since you have to wait until your opponent deploy his troops first, that is the time you'll make your move. The Valkyrie walks slow too. Just in case your enemy pulls out any aerial troops, counter it with your Musketeer together with your Fireball/Arrows since this deck is missing anti-air units.

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This deck also focuses on the Prince + Valkyrie push! Partnered with the Hog Rider, they will definitely demolish Towers!

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You don't need to change your style or you don't have to buy cards on the shop. This deck is a win until you reach Arena 7.

On this article, GotSodium, a Redditor, also shared his Arena 4 deck that pushed him to the Royal Arena!

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Here's a good deck that lets you push for trophies without having to spend real money.

Slow and steady is the motto of this deck. With Arena 1 cards combined with the Barbs, this deck helped a Redditor achieve Arena 6!

Whether you may want to change your deck every time you step on a new Arena or stick with a tried and tested formula, it is all your decision. You might want to just add new cards like Barbs here for example so you can counter high DPS troops in the new Arena.

Why don't you try this deck out and tell us what happened. We hope you reach the Royal Arena too! [Deck A3-7 I finally made it! • /r/ClashRoyale]

So, after a long and worrying grind, I finally made it! Battle from 1998 -> 2032 trophies was so stressful. But hey, it has finally been done! My...

Thank you JpMehh for sharing this Arena 3 deck. We really hope you can hold your place on the Royal Arena. Good luck!


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  • Most terrible deck ever -- 03:56, 26 February 2018 (UTC)
  • Great deck! -- 07:26, 27 June 2016 (UTC)