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In our previous articles, we introduced you some effective way to step up and bag more trophies in your current stage. Now, we want to give focus to a certain arena for further details and explanation.


We picked a noteworthy video in Youtube and made a review on how they picked their cards for a competitive deck.

Arena 3

Arena 3 or known as the Barbarian Bowl is where average and experienced players clash. Trophies ranging from 800-1099, you can acquire cards like Barbarian, Rage Spell, Barbarian’s Hut, Xbow, Rocket and Cannon. If ever that you have not yet collected some Arena 2 cards, worry not! Because you can still get them while advancing in the game in higher arenas.

Featured Deck

First up, we chose | UDURJay’s video for people who hold the cards like the Baby Dragon and Rage Spell. To those who doesn’t have these 2 cards, UDURJay also stated some good alternatives for this. Initially, this Youtube User’s card deck includes the following:

Archers Musketeer Minions Rage
archers.png musketeer.png minions.png rage.png
Skeleton Army Knight Baby Dragon Arrows
skeleton_army.png knight.png baby_dragon.png arrows.png

Initially, this Youtube User’s card deck includes the following:

  • Musketeer - This combatant will not let you down as long as you use it with care. The Musketeer will serve as your ground’s main attacker for its beyond fair damage. On this deck, it will be a good back-up for the Knight or Dragon who will serve as your tank. Musketeer can also kill a Baby Dragon in a 1v1 situation.
  • Minions - This flying monsters are really effective countering every ground troops especially for tank-type cards. Minions are very versatile. For example, a Giant, Knight or Baby Pekka was dropped on the battlefield, you can easily take ‘em down without worrying any HP at all. But always be wary and careful for counters such as Witch, co-minions and Arrows.
  • Rage - Very effective if you are in control of the game. This spell can support every cards within your hand.
  • Archer - Good for snatching enemy’s attention. With just 3 elixir consumption, you can buy time for your Archer’s or King’s Tower if it is being attacked by a Knight or any single attacking card. Be sure to drop it before it reaches your tower. Timing is the key! Support with a Knight or Minion afterwards.
  • Skeleton Army - Clash Royale’s mightiest tank-type stopper (at least in this Arena). You can pop-out a Giant, Knight or Mini Pekka in just a few seconds. Be sure to mentally count your opponent’s elixir because this card can easily be counter if used wisely. Be prepared in any splash-damage cards like Fireball and Arrows. 
  • Knight - Can be used as a defensive and offensive card. It really depends on how you will see this card, but we can assure you that this is a really great card in early gaming.
  • Baby Dragon - If you have this, you are lucky enough and can have one step ahead of the game. Baby Dragon can easily demolish a tower single-handedly in some circumstances. Be aware if your opponent have counter cards like Witch and Minions. If this counter cards are paired with Towers, Baby Dragon can easily reach death. Be careful in Tower-type and Tank-type cards. Baby Dragons are easily distracted by these.
  • Arrows - Best card for swarm deck players. Can be very useful in offense or defense.

According to UDURjay, you can swap Rage Spell to:

  • Spear Goblins - In my opinion, Spear Goblins is a very very effective card. Loaded with fair damage, this card can take out a flying-type card or even destroy any tower with the help of any tank type cards. A cool backup for your Knight or Baby Dragon.
  • Bomber - This card gained popularity over time due to its splash and excessive damage. Very effective if the enemy dropped a Skeleton Army in your way. Be sure to put him at the back of your tank-absorber cards.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A - Casts huge damage but very vulnerable. Pairing it with a Baby Dragon or Knight would be great but be sure to eliminate first your enemy’s swarm cards.

If you do not have a Baby Dragon you can swap it to:

  • Giant - Good for absorbing attacks. Just make sure to have them backed up to kill those who are attacking him.
  • Prince- Holds an immense power with fair HP. This card will bring you to victory if paired with your attackers and/or tank type cards.
  • Barbarians - Good HP with good damage. But remember, they walk as a four-man team. Really great in killing your enemy’s main attacker. E.g Musketeer, Hog, Witch and Bomber. Drop them in the middle of your opponent’s attacker and they can easily eliminate it.

Some Tips and Review


With an Elixir Cost of 3.4, this deck is very useful for beginners and for this Arena. The user wisely played his cards by deciding what to use for him to counter every opponent’s card. Luckily, the other party does not have any splash-type card that can easily turn down his skeleton army. 

If a splash-type card is present, we recommend you to use Minion or Knight in stopping a Giant, Mini Pekka or a Knight. Dropping a skeleton army will just eat up your elixir and will leave your opponent’s attacker alive. We do not recommend to drop a Baby Dragon right away if you got choices in your drawn card. 

However, if you are being swarmed, a Baby Dragon can be used to wipe them out. Drop it near a tower to provide support to each other.

You can also use a Goblin Hut or Barbarian Hut for continuous flow of troops to pressure a particular lane or even a Witch to counter flying and tank type cards. These cards will be a good addition in your deck as well.

We recommend this deck for you to try. With some tweaks from the original introduced deck, you can make your own more powerful.

The higher the trophies, the better cards you receive. The better the cards, the faster you can reach Clash Royale's Arena 3 to 7! Here are some tips, Chief!

In Closing

What can you say about this, Chief? Got better ideas? Share it in our comment section below!


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