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With the right cards, a deck build upon the Barbarian Hut can be deadly in later stages of the game.


The Barbarian Hut can be used as a defensive and/or an offensive building. This strategy guide will show you how you can create a great deck with it if partnered with the right cards.


As one of the troop building that can be a part of a Spam/Spawn Deck, the Barbarian Hut can serve as both offensive and defensive. All these Huts and Spawn decks can give a huge elixir advantage if used well. These huts can pressure the enemy into reacting whether to counter it head on or focus on a different lane.

The Barbarian Hut Deck:

Barbarian Hut Fireball Tombstone Spear Goblins
barbarian_hut.png fireball.png tombstone.png spear_goblins.png
Mini P.E.K.K.A Archers Bomber Knight
mini_PEKKA.png archers.png bomber.png knight.png

Card Roles:

Barbarian Hut and MINI P.E.K.K.A: Key cards of this deck. They can provide the most offense. Possible Replacement: Prince

Fireball: A card to counter most troops and destroy low-health crown towers. Possible Replacement: Arrows

Tombstone and Spear Goblins: Cards that are perfect for defense and support. They can also be used as baits or to stop the Prince from charging.

Archers and Knight: Great supporting troops. They can protect your Mini P.E.K.K.A and Barbarians or defend your towers.

Bomber: Bombers deal huge amounts of splash damage which make them a huge counter to MOBs. If you don't have your Arrows or Fireballs, you can rely on your trusty Bomber.

Battle Strategy:

If your first set of cards do not have a Barbrian Hut or a Tombstone, then you have to use any troop that you can to make space. Dropping an Archer or a Knight would be a great move because they are cheap but can still do damage.

Once you get your first hut, make sure to drop it in the middle of your arena. This way, it can serve as a defensive building also if ever a Giant attacks your side. If you can drop down two huts in the middle then it would make a great combo.

If the enemy tries to push with a Giant then your Barbarians will take care of them quite easily. If they use aerial troops like Baby Dragon or Minions, use Archers and Spear Goblins.

Once you get a Mini P.E.K.K.A troop, you can drop him down beside or behind your 2 Barbarians. You can also drop a Bomber or Spear Goblins near them for extra support.

If you reach the 60-second mark, a great strategy would be to drop down your huts. 2 Barbarian Huts and 1 Tombstone is already a great combo. It is mostly a sure win strategy especially if your enemy doesn't have any spell cards to counter your huts.

Deck Weakness:


These are some of the cards that may counter your deck:

Barbarians: They deal tons of damage and can take out your Mini P.E.K.K.A and other troops.

Arrows: Can take out your Archers and Spear Goblins easily.

Baby Dragon: Barbarians cannot attack aerial units. Baby Dragons has splash damage which gives them the ability to take out 2 Barbarians at the same time.

Minios and Minion Horde: Can take out your ground units fast and easy.

Fireballs: Can be used to damage or destroy your Huts.

Lightning and Zap: Deals damage to two or more troops/buildings.

Related Deck Strategies:

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How to Counter Huts Deck


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Of course, not everyone loves the Hut Decks. In this article, we feature several ways to make sure a player can counter it properly. Leave the Huts alive and you'll have lots of trouble in the later stages of the game.

Overall, a Barbarian Hut card along with any high damaging troop is a great combo, more so if your opponent ignores them. Which is why we've created a deck around it, so troops like Archers can support them.  This deck has low elixir cost which makes it good for Arena 3 and will give you an Elixir advantage most of the time. Again, just be wary of the counters above.


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