Archers are effective when used as a backup unit for high attack troops. They can also be used proficiently on taking out and defying some low HP troops. Though they are considered as underdogs, they can still deliver decent damage both to aerial and ground units. This duo is not only good for backing up and finishing some hordes, they are also a dependable piece on protecting your side of the field and your tower.


This Deck is all about slowing down the pace, countering, and seizing every advantage on your opponent’s inaccuracies. The main objective of this build is to defend and fight back in return. With Archers being deployed with the Giant, the Baby Dragon, and Spear Goblins, this build is destined to bring wreckage and total uproar to the other side of the battlefield.

Archers Deck for Arena 3:

Archers Spear Goblins Giant Baby Dragon
Archers Spear Goblins Giant Baby Dragon
Tombstone Arrows Minions Bomber
Tombstone Arrows Minions Bomber

Card Roles:

Average Elixir Cost: 3.3

Archers, Giant, and Baby Dragon: The Giant will tank and push the troops while the Archers and Baby Dragon are attacking them.

Tombstone and Spear Goblins: They will provide swarm support for both offense and defense.

Arrows: This Spell Card is to counter low HP troops.

Minions: These gargoyles are going to take care and take out air units threatening the towers. They also fight alongside the Giant to provide a depth on the push.

Bomber: Can be a great contributor especially if placed behind a tower or a tanker. This strategy makes the Bomber a better support and an excellent choice when it comes to countering swarms.

Battle Strategy:

Like what I’ve learned from my fellow Clash Royale players, you don’t need to become the aggressor in every battle. Since this deck is built on defending attacks from the opposing enemy, you just have to wait and counter every card that the enemy will deploy. Also, waiting for them to drop troops first, gives you the freedom to gauge their attacks and time to go full bar on your Elixir.

Now let’s begin with the strategies and how to utilize these troops. My preferred options with this one to wait for the opposing units first. Once they crossed the side of the field, drop the Spear Goblins behind one of the towers. This is for you to drop and place a tank and support units in front of the Spear Goblins before they reach the bridge. Of course, The Giant, Archers, and Baby Dragon would be the best option for this one. Suggestion: If you want, you can also use the Baby Dragon as it only moves gradually and does well on its own without needing support.

My second choice of defense and opening are the Minions. The Minions moves well against most of the troops. The Minions can also succeed on dealing some damage to swarms and other units. The Combo of Archers and Spear Goblins behind this trio will unquestionably work like a charm. As for the Archers, if you can manage to place a Giant or Baby Dragon in front of them before they cross the bridge, they can be great and awesome. The Tombstone will take care of overwhelming the opponents while the Bomber can take the role as defender against Swarm Troops.


Above are the troops that will serve as a kryptonite to this build. As you can see, most of the cards present in this image are almost the same with the deck build. It’s like a staring match of two players that stare at each other.

Like what I am always saying on every line of this post, it’s only a matter of combining and learning the game and the deck. If you think that the combination of Giant, Baby Dragon, and Archers will give you success in pushing, then go with it. Always remember that every deck has its own weaknesses. It’s only a matter of how are you going to execute such strategies in every situation. There’s no such thing as a perfect deck by the way.

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It is difficult to test and test every deck that you like. If you did some errors and got behind on the first few marks, don’t lose hope. This deck is built upon the fact that the opponent will likely over commit or do something wrong.

To sum it up, this an exciting and fun build to play. From my own experience, this build does go well with other decks. This is also a great deck to learn and improvised a strategy with. You can study which units counter which and how to efficiently use Elixir to your advantage.

Special thanks to clashroyaletactics.com for inspiring me to build and use this deck.


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