These Archers are there since the very start of the game at the Training Camp. We are sure you will have a long journey ahead with these bow handling twins. They cost 3 elixirs and can be formidable against aerial troops such as Minions and Balloons.


Archers cost only 3 Elixirs and they can help bring down that Balloon, Minions, even a Baby Dragon! These ranged twin works best with a Giant to be their tanker or you can make them stand close to a Tower so they can't be detected by any opposing troop and they will fire those arrows away.


These magenta-haired Archers can walk fast towards the other end of the land, that means they can also be targeted right away. Since they don't have any armor, they can be destroyed in seconds by any troop!

Popular Archer Decks:

This early Arena 3 deck will let you taste success through the help of the Giant. The support is great either in air or ground.

Do not have these two epic cards, yet? No problem! We got a nice deck that you can utilize to bag trophies in Arena 4!

Learn from the expert! Try the deck that made Jason as the first ever champion in the Clash Royale Tournament!

If you are an F2P, this is going to be the best deck for you to bag trophies in Arena 7.

The Lava Hound + Balloon deck is now available in Clash Royale! This epic air duo is really hard to counter.

How To Counter The Archer:

Since they are unarmored, they can easily be countered with a Bomber. Just a single bomb and they are done for. They can also be countered by any troop, make it via air or land since they have a very low hit point.

To sum it all up, these Archers will be there from beginning to finish. They will be the support you'll need for every push. They will be at the back of every tanker. And they will be aiming at those aerial troop to win you a coveted Crown!


The Archers' ability is often used now in Clash Royale. Their damage can bring down any troops ahead. Packed with a nice HP and competitive damage, they must not be taken for granted.


Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Targets Cost Count Rarity Type
1.2 sec Medium 1 sec 5 Air & Ground 3 x2 Common Troop

Level Hitpoint Damage Damage per second Card Gold Experience
1 125 40 33 1 N/A N/A
2 137 44 36 2 5 4
3 151 48 40 4 20 5
4 166 53 44 10 50 6
5 182 58 48 20 150 10
6 200 64 53 50 400 25
7 220 70 56 100 1,000 50
8 241 77 64 200 2,000 100
9 265 84 70 400 4,000 200
10 291 93 77 800 8,000 400
11 320 102 85 2,000 20,000 800
12 351 112 93 5,000 50,000 1,600

Last modified: 26,06,2018

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