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Are you just tired dealing with the same set of cards over and over again? Yet you are still being wrecked by those? Worry not! Here’s Ash’s effective counters for those decks in our current season.


Deck Strength:

This set can be one of the biggest threats for players who are plainly confident with their cards. Today’s featured deck can wreck the ever popular Hog Rider, Giant or Royal Giant decks if played well. Threats like the Barbarians, Three Musketeers, or the Minion Horde will also be in trouble if faced this deck.

Anti-Meta Deck - Arena 5 to 7:

Hog Rider Valkyrie Mini P.E.K.K.A Goblins
hog_rider.png valkyrie.png mini_PEKKA.png goblins.png
Fire Spirits Zap Fireball Inferno Tower
fire_spirits.png zap.png fireball.png inferno_tower.png

Card Roles:

  • Hog Rider: Your main tower wrecker. Use the Hog Rider with any of your supporting troops accordingly. This will allow the Hog Rider to have extra blows against its target. With this deck, you can make any kind of effective combo using this deadly troop.
  • Valkyrie: Her AoE will manage to deal with ground units. Use this troop mainly in defending against the Barbarians and other low HP troops. The Valkyrie can also be effective against beefy tanks.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A: The Mini PEKKA is mainly used to defeat the Hog Rider or any tanks visible. Its devastating blow will weaken the enemy’s move. With this unit, you can make a notable counter push afterwards.
  • Goblins: These stabby Goblins will support your Hog Rider to bring down a tower faster. Their damage might not be taken for granted. In defense, Goblins can serve as a distraction to any incoming units. They can also kill the Mini PEKKA or Musketeer effectively.
  • Fire Spirits: Best used while dealing with the Barbarians or Minion Horde. While defending, use the Fire Spirits by making a delay in dropping it. This will increase the possibility to hit its target. This spell card can be utilize productively in either offense or defense.
  • Zap: Through the use of the Zap, your Hog Rider will be somehow free from additional counters. Cast this spell card against swarm troops and/or the Minion Horde. The Zap is also a good counter when facing a Sparky deck. This will reset its damage making it easier to counter.
  • Fireball: The Fireball is a brilliant spell card to use against a lot of cards in-game. It can sharply damage the Barbarians, the Elixir Collector or even the Three Musketeers! A horde of troops will surely fail to crash your base if you hit them successfully.
  • Inferno Tower: With a lot of beefy tanks in the current meta, the Inferno Tower will place them in trouble. Use it to counter the Lava Hound, Giant and the Royal Giant. You can also utilize this against the Hog Rider. Make sure to place it in the right location to lure those pesky threats.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Play a slow push by dropping your Valkyrie near the King Tower. Before it reaches the river, place your Hog Rider behind this unit. This will allow your Hog Rider to push your Valkyrie forward for an epic push. Utilize the Zap Spell to counter enemies around the Hog Rider. Prepare for combat after your initial move.

Deal with a huge wave of troops by casting your Fireball. If a bulky tank is approaching, place the Inferno Tower in the middle of your base. Make sure that it will lure the enemy’s main unit to save your crown tower. If troops are around the Giant, use the Fire Spirits to eliminate them. This will help your Inferno Tower to focus on the bigger unit for great defense. Wait for your elixir to load up as you wait for a chance to make a counter push. 

Place your Valkyrie once again near the King Tower and wait for your opponent’s reaction. If they tend to make a push, utilize the Mini PEKKA to damage their unit. As these two troops counter those ground units, prepare the Fire Spirits to wipe out air troops. Place down your Hog Rider with Goblins after cancelling the opponent’s move. Let these units tag along with the Valkyrie and Mini PEKKA combo. Wait for a right timing to drop your Zap to successfully get that tower.

Play a defensive strategy afterwards by countering all your enemy’s motion through the Inferno Tower and Mini PEKKA. You can occasionally pressure the opposite lane by utilizing the Hog Rider. This will distract and ruin their gameplay due to the Hog Rider's appearance.

Deck Weakness:

The deck will be in trouble if you play your units unplanned. This will put you in a disadvantage position if you use your elixir too much. Remember that this deck is designed to counter popular decks. Meaning you must first defend before making a notable push afterwards.


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Playing against the current of the game might be hard. But if you played it wisely, winning will not be hard as what we all think.

Special thanks to Ash for this deck.

Article written by Forrest. If you have deck suggestions, let us know in the comments section or on Twitter!



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